Monday, March 25, 2013

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

This children's book has multiple levels of wonderful and is certainly perfect for anyone who loves books and their powerful influence. If you have a bookish child make room on their shelf for this lovely addition.

The picture book is actually based on the Academy Award winning short film and both share the same story with elements of other films and real life scattered through. In the French Quarter of New Orleans, Mr. Morris Lessmore is contently enjoying his books when a hurricane moves in (much like Hurricane Katrina) and overturns the world with a powerful tornado. Somewhat like The Wizard of Oz, the world is lost of color and becomes black and white. Mr. Morris wanders lost and confused until he spots a woman being carried away by flying books. She is the first splash of color to enter the landscape since the storm. 

Morris meets a book (who came down from the flying woman) and urges Morris to follow him -- which Morris happily does. He discovers a library filled with moving books and color fully returns to his life. Morris sets out to restore the area by handing books to the people (and color returns to them as well). Time passes and Morris ages. He spends his time with his books in this grand library and even writes his own. 

Old and frail, he finishes his book and dedicates it to the library he has called home before a strong breeze blows him away. 

Lovely, isn't it? I enjoyed the short film but there is something special about holding a book and taking as long as you wish to look over the pictures. I kind of want to buy this book just for myself, even though I have no children. 

For a closer look, check out the short film posted below:

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