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Information About Soon Remembered Tales:
All personal photography featured on this blog - including the header and blog button - are copyright to me, Erica R Hopper. All other photos and gifs, including book illustrations and covers, are owned by those who created them and I take no claim to those items. If you see an item posted on this site, un-credited, which was created by your hand, please let me know and I will credit it appropriately.

I am currently NOT accepting ARCs and book review inquiries. 

  • Reviews are honest opinions written by myself about my general experience whilst reading the publication and how I felt about the plot - whether positive or negative. 
  • They are copyright to me, Erica R Hopper, and if I quote the book or other sources I will give credit to the quotation. 
  • If you would like to quote my reviews on other sources, feel free, however I request credit and for you to please let me know! 
  • All ARCs and free copies received are given honest reaction posts.
  • Children's Books will receive, on average, 150-500 word reviews.
  • Adult Books will receive, on average, 600-1,000 word reviews.
  • Word count for reviews vary depending on length of the book, plot, and personal opinion.
  • If you are a book publisher looking for reviews, please email me! 

To discuss reviews or receive my mailing address you can contact me at my email:

Review Scheduling:
If I have accepted your book to review I will review it in order as it has been received unless previously discussed with the author or publisher to have a review by a specific date. Therefore, if I receive Book A and then a week later, Book B, I will review Book A before I review Book B. After each book I have received I place the review for the Wednesday following my last review that is set up in my queue. You, the author or publisher, are welcome to request a review by a specific date in your inquiries.

About the Author:
Graduated from Albright College with a BA in English, I've always been interested in the world of books. All of my life I have been a reader but often times I found that I couldn't remember specifics of books. But if I recalled a specific event in my life I could easily recall the book I read during that time and suddenly all memories of its plot would come to me.

I wanted to record little details of how books made me feel at the time of their reading and occasionally what was going on during that period of my life and that's how Soon Remembered Tales came into play. I wanted a place to record the random thoughts I've had while reading books and the feelings I've felt after I've shelved the work.
Since November 2008 I've read a lot of books, laughed and cried, and experienced a lot of things in my life. I am still trying to get some grounding under my feet and work towards my goal of being a full time member of a publishing company or simply having my hands somehow involved in publication. Maybe you can help!

I just moved to the Washington, DC metro area and am in desperate need of a job. If you are an employer looking to hire or know of any employers who are actively looking, please let me know!

Check out my LinkedIn profile:

All sorts of other links are at the top of the page so be sure to click those too! I'm hoping to continue my adventures in publishing, so please, help a girl out!
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