About the Author:
Welcome to Soon Remembered Tales! I'm Erica, the writer of this blog, and I'm happy you're here!

I am a copyeditor that's new to the trade and have always been a book lover. With my educational experience being from Albright College (BA in English) and UC San Diego (copyediting certification), I'm always eager to continue to learn and explore the world and the books it has to offer.

This blog began as an exercise in memory and writing. I wanted to practice writing on a frequent basis but also record what emotions and particular opinions I had from books I've read.

Over the years, the blog has evolved into a place that does not only include my book reviews. I share my wonderment of the world through what traveling I am able to do and adventures with food as I manage my diagnosis of IBS.

Please, stay  for awhile, check out my different pages, and have a marvelous day!