About the Author:
Welcome to Soon Remembered Tales! I'm Erica, the writer of this blog, and I'm happy you're here!

I am a girl with the forest running through my veins. Born and raised in New York -- near the Woodstock site, not the city -- I was surrounded by creative minds and the forest of the Catskill Mountains since childhood.

As a child I always read as if my life depended on it. I volunteered at my high school and local libraries as a teen, and when I wasn't busy reading and volunteering, I was writing. During my high school years I toyed with the idea of going to school for art or creative writing but decided to pursue English. I left the woods for the farmlands of Pennsylvania and received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Albright College. A number of years after I graduated from college, I completed a copyediting certificate through UC San Diego. Now I'm studying to get my master's in English and creative writing with a focus on fiction from Southern New Hampshire University.

My post-college life has been a persistent path of reading and writing. I have worked as a book seller, dabbled with a small-town publisher, and tutored college students on reading and writing. I now work as a copyeditor in the Washington, D.C. area, sharing my workweek between the metro region with the Washington Monument in sight and my home office in Northern Virginia.

This blog began as an exercise in memory and practice in writing. I wanted to practice writing on a frequent basis but also record what emotions and particular opinions I had from books I've read. Often enough, emotions stand as strong ties to my memories of books that I have read in the past.

Over the years, the blog has evolved into a place that does not only include my book reviews. I share my wonderment of the world through what traveling I am able to do and adventures with food as I manage my diagnosis of IBS.