My Reading Nook

My Reading Nook is a chance to display the diversity of reading areas. Everyone has such different lives and that filters into how we read and where we read. Are pets getting underfoot while you read? Are children joining you? Do you have a quiet, secluded area to open your books? Or do you prefer to read in busier places?

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If you're interested in featuring your own reading nook, please fill out the below areas and email it to Include photos as an attachment (details about photos are in the submission form below) to your email. I will prepare the post and let you know when it will go live on my blog.

Note: Submissions will be proofread and edited of grammatical errors. Photos may be altered for size to fit into the post. Photos must be your own; they can be from your own social media pages (Instagram, Flickr, etc.) and taken with digital cameras or phones, just try to maintain clarity in the photos. It is preferred that they are cropped to a square shape, as seen in previous My Reading Nook posts, and no smaller than 400x400 in size.
Note: Aside from being published on my blog, the post will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and possibly Google+ or Instagram (photos that are reblogged will have credit to your own account). With your submission to My Reading Nook, you are agreeing to the promotion of your post on those sites, as well as the proofreading and minor photo edits which may be performed.

My Reading Nook Submission Form

Title: My Reading Nook - (Your Name Here!) 

What’s your reading nook? 

Include 1-2 photos cropped as a square (think Instagram!), no smaller than 400x400, and a brief description of the nook (i.e., where it’s at, what it consists of). Tell us a little bit about your nook. Where is it? Is it in a cove of trees outside, or is it a window seat with a nice cushion? Did you make it yourself? How did you find it? Give us as much descriptive detail as possible! 

Why is this nook special? 

Why is this your go-to place? What is it about this nook that makes it so special? Is it the location, the atmosphere, or the lighting? Is there anything that you would add to it to help shape it more to your liking, or is it perfect just the way it is? 

Where else do you read? 

Include 1-2 photos (optional, same square-shape as requested above) and detail where else you like to read or catch yourself reading. 

About You: 

One paragraph about yourself. Are you a blogger? Are you just interested in sharing your nook? What do you do? Do you have any social media you would like to share? You can share it below:
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