Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bookish Christmas Globe Ornaments - DIY

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I find the craftiness that comes with it to be inspiring and I really love all the different traditions that emerge.

My family and I have always made a big deal about decorating our Christmas tree. We had boxes of ornaments that we collected over the years and when I was a preteen, I even got my own Christmas tree. The tiny two-foot tree at first received some cheap filler ornaments but then the collection began to grow. I had my own ornaments that I selected, ornaments given to me as gifts, and my favorite ornaments -- my grandmother's.

But when the beau and I moved in together we realized one thing: we could get our own Christmas tree. A real Christmas tree. Something tall and majestic and just begging to be decorated. But we certainly didn't have enough ornaments -- I had my box for my two foot tree but that wouldn't cover something more normal sized. So we picked a theme -- silver and gold -- and set out to picking up silver and gold-themed ornaments whenever we had a chance.

Still, I wanted to do more.

With the aid of the internet and such awesome sites as Pinterest and Tumblr, I found a lot of ornament ideas and decided to make a bookish Christmas ornament.

What You'll Need:

  • Clear ornaments with removable tops
  • Book pages (two pages per ornament should suffice)
  • Paint of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush of your choosing
I went to Target and picked out a really pretty box of round glass ornaments. I didn't want to go too crazy so I picked a box with mixed ornaments and only two clear bulbs. That's the ticket in my opinion -- clear bulbs, not frosted or with sparkles -- because you want to have the book pages as visible as possible to show off your hard work! Recently, while browsing through Target, I saw they had a box of bulbs that were entirely clear!

With the pages of a book I've slowly been recycling with different crafts, I painted silver and cold over the printed words very lightly and I only painted on one side of each paper. My paint was old and lost a lot of its thickness so it came out somewhat see-through. If your paint isn't like that (I'd suggest testing it out first), you can always water it down. Just be careful not to put too much paint on the pages, you want to make sure it's spread out very lightly so as not to wrinkle the paper.

I didn't paint the full page, leaving the edges free of paint to cut off. Really, you want as much of the printed words visible as possible so you see it fully in the ornament and not just blank paper. Once it's painted, leave it to dry. With it being such a light layer of paint it dried pretty quickly!

Snip away the edges of the paper and then cut it into strips. I followed the spaces between lines and it seemed three lines of text were enough.

Roll each strip up. Do it carefully so as not to crease the paper and curl it to your desire (I made them like ringlets, the tighter curls didn't let you see as much of the text). 

Once you have your curls, just gently push them through the opening of the ornament. I would occasionally shake the ornament to settle the curls a little to make room for more. Once the ornament is full, I popped the top of the ornament on and voila! I love how these ornaments came out. The light silver and gold on the paper is caught by the Christmas lights on the tree but you can still see the printed words. 

Give it a try and happy tree decorating!

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