Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Bookish Christmas

If I ruled the world, or at least had complete control over my own life, I would do such things as own multiple houses in different places, have more time in a day, and always cook the perfect meals. I'd also have more time to craft -- something I got into while in college but haven't had much opportunity to continue once I joined the work force. Still, every once in awhile I'm able to get crafty and the holidays are no different. In fact, I probably do more crafts around the holidays than the rest of the year!

Here are a few holiday book-crafts you can give a try:

Paper Star Ornaments
I had an ARC book laying around that I really didn't enjoy reading. Since it was an ARC, I couldn't donate it to the local bookstore, and since it was taking up space I figured I would repurpose it. I don't believe in buying books just to destroy for purpose of crafts but if you have something that's falling apart and on the verge of being thrown, I feel this is a wonderful way of recycling the book so that it can continue living on in one way or another.

I made a how-to post a few years ago and still have these ornaments for our tree. I made a number of the stars and gave them out to coworkers that year. They're fun, they're Christmasy by means of their star shape (and colors!), and they bring reading into the mix.

Another way of repurposing this book (which I kept, despite destroying it, for other craft purposes), is to make even more holiday decorations! Earlier this month I posted about making two Christmas ornaments with scraps of book pages. I love glass ornaments and it seems there are plenty of clear ones on the market. I feel this is a great way to add some festiveness to the bulbs and make them pop while still appreciating that they are clear and allow in the light of the Christmas tree.

This project only takes one or two pages from a book, depending on how big your ornament or curls are, per ornament. It's a super quick and fun project to do and I love that you can use any book pages you have. Maybe one day I'll actually craft these up with worn copies of some Christmas books I have (when they are past their prime of reading and falling apart... believe me, I have a few). 

Paper Heart Ornament
Another ornament I made was a Mod Podge creation with some hand lettering over it. I'm just getting into hand lettering so this was the perfect opportunity to test it out and give it a go. This was fun and I was able to use a lot of the same material I used for the previous ornaments.

In no time, I was done. Honestly, I think amongst the three ornaments, this was the quickest to make!

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