Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fables: Legends in Exile

I've had this sucker on my to-read list for ages. So long, in fact, that I forgot completely about it until I was looking through a list of suggested graphic novels and this was what was offered. I then realized, oh right, I wanted to read this. Off I went to the bookstore and then back home with this in my hand.

This has a lot more dialogue than the other graphic novels I've read. While the other graphic novels seemed to lend a lot of time and detail to imagery, this was much more about the story. Wording was crammed into the pages and the images were more comic-book-like. 

The story is simple enough: all the fairy tales had to escape their realm due to an evil presence. They now live in New York and have different jobs while also intermingling with people like us. Snow White is the ruler of the gang and the Big Bad Wolf is an investigator. 

Right away we're taken into a 'who dunnit' scenario. Rose Red is missing, possibly murdered, and there's a ball to plan. I enjoyed that many of the "monster" characters came in and out of their monster appearances. The Big Bad Wolf has a shadow of a wolf and when he grows angry, he's more wolfish. The Beast of Beauty and the Beast becomes more beastly when he's stressed out. But overall, I found myself struggling with this story because I'm not really one to enjoy crime shows or story lines. 

I also find I'm still a stickler for the fairy tales I like. I love Little Red Riding Hood, I love Beauty and the Beast, I really have never liked Snow White. So having this comic centered around Snow White (her being a main character) was a real drag for me. Granted, this particular Snow White was much more bearable but I just... never found her that interesting and I am irritated that she often is made to be the top "princess" in fairy tale-based story lines. Why can't it be Belle? (Also, I  hated how snobby Belle appeared in this book). 

I suppose, if you're in for a good crime story and like fairy tales but aren't particularly disturbed by the story lines being twisted, or the characters you loved as a child appearing differently, this is a good read. If you're like me and you are nearly personally offended by anyone daring to make your favorite storybook characters act differently than how you see them, then maybe stay away.

I plan to give this book to a friend who was interested in reading the series. I think she'll have more enjoyment out of it. I certainly have read other books that play with fairy tales and make them unique and new that are better, but this just wasn't of my interest.

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