Monday, November 30, 2015

A Month in Reviews -- November

November is an interesting month. I really like the month and have liked it more as I've grown older. It's the last dregs of autumn but also a touch of winter. It's the excitement for family-oriented holidays and the start of the Christmas season. When I was a tiny little thing, my mother would get me in the car and we would leave New York with the destination of my grandparents' house in New Jersey in mind. We would descend on their big house, my cousins, aunts and I, and we'd take over it for Thanksgiving vacation. Together, my cousins and I would watch the Macy's Day parade while my grandmother, mom and aunts would begin Thanksgiving dinner. I would have my first run through with my Christmas dress as I would get to wear it for Thanksgiving dinner and we would somehow manage to break one wish bone up amongst seven grandchildren. 

That was my Thanksgiving experience from the very start of my life, so I always associate the holiday with good, happy things. When I was a teen, I lost my one aunt to cancer during Thanksgiving. A few years ago, we received the panicked call that my grandfather was rapidly deteriorating on Thanksgiving night. At least we were able to spend one more Thanksgiving weekend, the entire family together, before he was gone. 

So now I'm inching closer to thirty and I still find I love the month of November and get more excited for the Thanksgiving holiday than I probably should. But, there's those little sadnesses associated with it now that makes it a little hard to get through. Still, we make the best of it. 

This month has certainly been more calm than October, but it's also been more crazy--at least toward the very end. It was a lot of gently moving along up until the week of Thanksgiving.

For the first time ever, I partook and hosted a Friendsgiving celebration. I also cooked the largest turkey I've ever cooked. The previous three years, I cooked something that could feed two people max, but this year it was a twenty pound turkey and boy was I scared of that bird. I honestly had more fun prepping for the festivities by means of making decorations and table arrangements. 

The theme for our friendsgiving was hugge. It's a Danish concept, followed through out Scandinavia, and with everything going on, I've been really focusing on trying to bring hugge into my home. Not being Danish nor never living in Scandinavia, I don't know if I'm doing it quite right but it's worth a shot. I normally get winter doldrums so it's worth a shot. Maybe the Scandinavians have the key to winter happiness and hugge is it.

Beside Friendsgiving, we had three people visit us the week of Thanksgiving, putting our house at maximum level. All of this during my first week of finals! At least we're rolling along to Christmas, another favorite holiday of mine. On the blog I'm going to be taking "off" but still posting. All posts will be holiday oriented and end-of-year wrap ups so I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

Now, this week is my last week of class and my last final is due. Unfortunately, I only have two days to work on it instead of a solid week because we are heading to Pennsylvania on Wednesday for my mother's heart valve replacement surgery. Scary stuff, so I beg of you all to keep us in your thoughts.

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