Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Edward Scissorhands Volume 1: Parts Unknown

So I've been choosy, but slowly getting into graphic novels. I don't read them very often but I always enjoy them when I have a chance to do so. A few weeks ago, I hit a rough patch. It happens every now and then, I call it "one of my moods" and know it will be gone in a few days time. I struggle to be productive, I really struggle, and this is made all the worse when I must be productive for both work and school. My boyfriend was patient through my complaints then urged me to get out of my pajamas, pack my school supplies, and go to my Barnes and Noble to do my homework. He suspected if I were to just get there, the environment would get my school day needs rolling.

He was right. I got nearly all of my homework done while I sat in their cafe and he cheered me on. "Treat yourself. Go buy a book," he said. This meant a lot, as I've mentioned, [LINK TO SUMMER BOOK HAUL] I've bought a lot of books this summer and we're quickly running out of room for them all. With the reassurance that I could buy a book and it was okay, I went into the shelves of my interests and browsed. Everything seemed rather long, however, and I wanted a book I could devour that night and really feel like I had treated myself, so I went to the graphic novels. 

It didn't take long for my eyes to land on the spine of this. Edward Scissorhands? Yes, please! I have grown up loving Edward Scissorhands. It came out when I was a wee bit, only four years old, and I wasn't much older when my mother introduced me to it. I remember her saying, "It's like a fairy tale about a very nice man who looks different. I really like this story." We watched it together and I remember being so sad at the end, but I fell in love with the story and it quickly became a movie that we watched as often as we could. My grandmother lives near the community where it was filmed and on a Florida visit while I was a child, we drove through the community and pointed out the few homes that still displayed the bright colors from the film.

I love Edward Scissorhands. I love the music, I love the story, I love the acting in it. Gosh, I could go on for ages about this movie. Needless to say, seeing the graphic novel made me far too excited and I dove for it. Instant buy, basically.

I brought it home, curled up on the couch, and read straight through it. The story is quick, simple, and similar to the movie but still pleasurable. It manages to achieve the same feelings I have for the movie, although maybe with a lack of the beautiful composing of Danny Elfman.

We're introduced to Megan, the granddaughter of Kim (I'm just going to assume you have seen the movie and know who I'm talking about). Kim has passed away and had been seen as somewhat of a crazy old lady in the town. If you recount from the movie, elderly Kim is seen recounting the story of Edward Scissorhands to her granddaughter as a bedtime story--so this is her granddaughter as a teen!

While in the movie it's snowing as she tells the story, since Kim's death (in the comic) it hasn't snowed at all. The town has somewhat gone back to its old ways by avoiding the mansion that Edward lives in and standing by the assumption that Edward is actually a monster and murderer.

But Megan disagrees. Seemingly, she's the only one who misses her grandmother and Megan pokes around until she finds Kim's diary. With it, and a spunky determination, Megan goes to Edward's mansion to discover that not only is he real, but he's as sweet as her grandmother made him out to be.

We don't only focus on Megan's point of view in this graphic novel, but Edward's as well as he too is digging about in his mansion and discovers that his maker had made another "creature" similar to him, prior to Edward's introduction into the world, but it had been discontinued.

Accidentally, Edward releases this creature into the world and discovers just why the creature was discontinued: it has a taste for blood, so to speak.

We falter back to the original story of Edward Scissorhands at this point. People get hurt, they blame Edward, they show up with pitchforks and Megan has to ultimately save Edward. It's a bit different from the movie, but to note those details will take away the reading pleasure so I'll hold back. In the end, Edward is safe and I'm left feeling the same feelings I always have when finishing the movie. I want more, I want to know how Edward is doing, and I wish I could give him a hug.

It seems that there may be a second volume that will be out in the future although I can't seem to locate any clear information on this. I know that I will surely buy it when its released and maybe this time I'll throw on the movie soundtrack while reading the graphic novel, just for additional emotions to be thrown into the mix.

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