Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Month in Reviews -- September


Whoa, September! This month came and went in a flash and I'm still kind of confused. I feel like I was just stepping back, shocked by the fact that summer was coming to a close, and here we are about to dive into October (one of my favorite months of the year).

September welcomed a busy season at my job that will continue keeping me on my toes into November. It also was a month of far too many dental appointments, schedule mishaps, and school work. I wrapped up my first graduate school course and started the next (so long, introductory courses, hello the real deal!) and the Washington, DC area all but shut down for three days while Pope Francis visited.

I also was extremely lucky to keep my tradition of travel during Labor Day weekend. This year, the beau and I drove to the Catskills of New York. I grew up there, nestled between trees in the woods, and it was important for me to introduce him to what I called home for the first twenty one years of my life.

It was a quick trip--we arrived on a Saturday and left by Monday--but it was well worth it. We visited my childhood home, saw the neighborhood I went trick-or-treating in, the lakes I used to fish at, my schools, and ate at our most favorite restaurants in the area. But best of all, we went hiking.

I'm a very low-level, inexperienced hiker. I enjoy going for walks in the woods, basically, and my "hikes" never last more than a handful of hours. This was perhaps our longest hike as it covered about six hours. It could have been much shorter but we took our time and paused frequently to look at the sites.

Minnewaska State Park is a place I meandered around as a teenager. I loved the white stone cliffs and "sky lakes." It was something magical and bringing the beau there, I found myself a little nervous. I had talked about this place repeatedly in the weeks leading up to our trip but what if it wasn't as good as I remembered?

Luckily, it was just as good if not better. I've realized that if I enjoyed a place as a teen, I'll likely adore it as an adult. I seem more capable of appreciating aspects of the area than I did as a teen and perhaps a better memory (with the aid of taking far too many photos). But more on Minnewaska later, probably in a Wanderlust Wednesday post.

On the way out of New York, we stopped at the Woodstock Festival site and picked up a baker's dozen bagels. New York bagels--you simply can't get such good bagels in Virginia.

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