Monday, August 31, 2015

A Month in Reviews -- August

August has been a blast but I'm quickly reminded, each day, that summer is coming to its end. I love autumn, it's by far my favorite season, but summer is my second favorite season. I haven't enjoyed it as much in Virginia--the heat is too much, the humidity strangling, and the bugs are a constant problem--but this summer has been cooler than most. Maybe it's due to the cooler temperatures and heavy rains we had earlier this summer that we're already seeing trees transitioning into their autumn wardrobes. It's odd--I've seen four autumns in Virginia and never have I witnessed colored leaves in August. This is something you see in New York, not here! At first I was excited but then I became a little apprehensive. I don't want autumn to rush on by and I hope that won't be the case.

But August also offered the best of summer adventures. Multiple baby showers, so many birthday parties I felt like I was drowning in cake, and a short staycation with a friend who visited. It was pretty awesome and I'm sad to see the days shortening. But, after the blast of autumn (my autumns are always insanely busy) winter will be here and I'm going to find a lot of weekends with nothing to do. I have to admit I'm a little excited at the prospect of getting bored. 

Let's jump back to the earlier mentioned staycation, though. For everyone who lives in the DC area they have, laughably, a set tour schedule for non-locals who visit. Mine just happens to involve a 11.5 mile walk to monuments and places of interest (sorry, visitors). Luckily, my friend who visited this summer (who actually submitted her reading nook a few months ago) was willing to walk all over the city and we saw countless things.

Of course, I took her to my favorite building in DC: the Library of Congress. I'm forever in love with this place. It's just absolutely beautiful and I can't get enough of it. I'm so happy to have gotten the chance to return to it -- the last time I visited was a day after I moved to Virginia!

We also visited all the famous monuments, ate some great local burgers, and had a bonus round of seeing President Obama get into his helicopter and peace out in the best way to skip over rush hour traffic. It really is a beautiful city and very impressive. I rarely go into the city now, other than for meetings, so it's always nice to have a moment to reflect on the views that so many people love.

The staycation didn't end there, we also went to the Pennsylvanian Renn Faire, drank mead, watched some jousting, and had a general jolly good time. It's one of my favorite faires and I try to make it there every year.

We also attended the Gettysburg Reenactment. It normally takes place during the Fourth of July holiday but the heavy rains we had earlier this summer postponed it to August. It was fun and informative, as always, and with little sunburn since we had a lot of cloud cover. 

I haven't been quite as active with the blog with school well under way. This month saw to my midterm and preparation for my next class. My workload is picking up at my job so I suspect I'll be even more sporadic when it comes to posts in the future. I do have a ton of book material to write about, so there's that. The struggle is finding the time to write out the reviews but I'm hopeful to get a bunch up and ready in the near future. Still, there were a number of blog posts ready to go on the blog and I was happy to provide. 

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