Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Poetry of Lang Leav

Sometimes, I want nothing more than to read poetry. It is an urge that arrives randomly and takes a fierce hold on my mind. Thing is, I'm picky with poetry and while I enjoy it, and have written and published it, I find it hard to find a book of poems I can completely fall in love with. 

Then there's Lang Leav. I should preface this to say that I am a book snob. I mean, I am a snob when it comes to the actual, physical property of a book. I love book covers that are pretty and catch my attention and I will, sometimes, judge a book entirely by its cover. I have also been known to buy multiple publications of a book simply because there are various covers that I like more. Lang Leav's two poetry books have sweet, simple, Instagram-worthy covers and I've seen them through various posts on Tumblr. The artwork is simple on the cover, a girl's face, that sits atop a swish of font for the books title.

When I crossed paths with Lullabies at my local Barnes and Noble, I decided to pick it up. I was on a book-buying ban but really, how often do I read poetry? I felt it was worth the (small) splurge. Plucking it off the shelf, I opened it to see if the poetry appealed to me.* I found the poetry quick but meaningful. It was a book I could read in a day but would likely linger over as I read and reread the poetry. I took the book home that day and spent the weekend with finger pressed to page, reading each line and returning to poems as I went.

Lullabies is something soft. They're whispers and dreams, elements of reality of wonderings that appealed to me and my present state of mind. I read the book just after completing my copyediting certification course. I was also considering graduate school and uncertain of my path for the future. I ended up taking note of multiple poems and sat the book aside. This is something I'll keep by my bedside or leave in our guest room for anyone who visits to pick up and read.

I was certain after making my way through Lullabies that I needed to get a copy of Leav's other book, Love. So off I went and once more, I was left lingering over different poems and saving others. I want some of the poetry to be involved in my (not being planned but for someday) wedding. The poetry spoke of all the highs and lows that come with love and the varying emotions that are tied to this emotion. Love isn't always simple and kind, guys. There's layers and Leav pointed that out in her beautiful, fluid writing.

Each book is marked by different sections with illustrations all done by Leav herself. They're as quiet and soft as the whispered words of the poems contained in both books.

There is a third book on the way by Leav and I honestly can't wait until it's published. I've found a poet who I truly adore and will likely follow for ages to come. How wonderful! At times, being a book snob and picking up a book solely because you like the cover can work out quite well.

*Most poetry that is published is likely good and appealing. However, I'm picky and if I do not "like" a book of poems, it's likely because of my pickiness and does not speak ill toward the actual poetry.

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