Thursday, June 11, 2015

My Reading Nook -- Anney

My Reading Nook, a feature from Soon Remembered Tales, gives readers a chance to show off their favorite place to read.

What's your reading nook?

This is the grove at Bowers Park in Bowers, Pennsylvania. It is within walking distance from my apartment. Local residents walk their dogs and themselves here - from sun up to sun down, at all times of the year. In the summer, Mennonites play baseball at the nearby field. There's also a food court with picnic benches, open every evening all summer. In September, the Bowers Chili Pepper fest happens - which houses live music and local foods. Despite this, on a regular day, the park is always calm and quiet.

Why is this nook special?

I'm third generation Irish, as well as a casual student of Druidism. For Druids, tree groves are sacred places, cathedrals made of trees. Druids meet and worship in groves. Over time, I've come to find groves to be sacred spiritual places, places of learning and reverence. So that's why I like to write, read, and pray there. I naturally gravitate to trees, when needing to unwind after a long day. Oak trees are especially perfect to lean against and read. Their heat and strength radiates up and down my spine as I lean against them, reading and thinking. There's also a secure boundary in a grove of trees. People rarely walk through a grove. So in this place, I get to enjoy the leisure of the park-goers, while safe in my little cozy space. Ants and spiders run around the grass and twigs around me. All is peaceful. 

Where else do you read?

This is my office, my study, my library. I love to be surrounded by my books when I read, and Christmas lights! My aunt made the quilt for me, about five years ago. The couch is an old futon that used to be my bed. It's larger than a regular couch, so I can sit on it with my whole body folded underneath me. In the mornings, while I eat breakfast and drink tea, I sit here and enjoy the early morning with a bit of light reading.

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