Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Linger (Book 2 of The Wolves of Mercy Falls)

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I would not have read The Raven Cycle (TRC) had I read The Wolves of Mercy Falls first. The writing is much more developed in TRC but certainly lacking in this series. And yet, I wanted to see if it got better. There's definite growth in Stiefvater's writing from Shiver to The Raven Boys, so maybe there was growth in her writing in the Shiver series as well. So, despite my distaste of Shiver, I dove into Linger when I was finished.

Linger happens shortly after the end of Shiver. Exactly how long after, I'm not entirely sure. It's cold, it's warm, it's back and forth. But we know this: Sam is now human. He lived through the "cure" given to him in the previous book (as indicated by the end of it) and the cure seemed to stick. So he's human and Grace is thrilled and together they sneak about and keep his nightly sleepovers a secret from her parents. Typical teen stuff. 

But Grace is getting sick, slowly but surely, and she tries desperately to keep it from Sam. At first, I was sure she was turning into a wolf herself (although why she hadn't when she was a child and had been attacked was still not clear). She followed all the typical symptoms as listed in the previous book. And yet... she didn't turn. 

We're also faced with two new characters. Cole, a suicidal rock star werewolf, and Isabel, the former wench of the school that Grace didn't get along with in the previous book. 

We switched around with points of view again and my head was left spinning. Again, the separate voices weren't all that different from one another and I couldn't keep up. 

I did enjoy Cole and Isabel a little. They both are kind of awful and selfish, but they both are people who get things done which is a great difference from Sam who is too afraid to act upon anything, and Grace who was too sick to care. 

Also enter Grace's parents. They were pretty much absent from the first book and well known for their lack of care when it comes to what their daughter is up to. Now, however, they switch their parenting into hyper drive. From uncaring parents to the extreme, the 180 leaves the reader frustrated at the whole thing. Her parents freak when they find out that Sam has been hanging around without their knowledge, they ban Grace from seeing her, and while at times parents will do this to their teenage daughter--it's such an extreme, such a 180 from how they were in the previous book, that it's hard to swallow. The majority of the time I wanted to hit her parents and was applauding the verbal throwbacks Grace was giving them. It was super frustrating, because they were making Sam out to look like the monster (you know, more than just being a former werewolf) when he can barely do anything without second guessing himself. How aggravating.

Grace continues to get more sickly and eventually, she ends up in the hospital. She's not just sick, she's dying. So the entire book, which felt meandering at times, has led to this point. Grace is dying and Cole is the one who declares a possible cure: make her into a werewolf.

How will this work now when she was bitten before without turning into a wolf? Well lucky for us, Cole is not just a rock star but the son of a famous scientist and he has this all figured out. He figures that when Grace was a child, after she was bit, she was almost (accidentally) baked alive in a car (her father forgot her in because he's father of the year, obviously) and that "burned out" the wolf. But the wolf only lasts for ten years or so before it dies, which is now. But if they just make her become a wolf by biting her again, she should recover and be ok.

So they do that and bam, she's a wolf! She's running off to the trees and all is right with the world! Oh, except that Sam has been cured of being a wolf, never wants to be a wolf again, and now Grace's parents think he's gone and killed her or something (stupidest assumption but we'll get into that later during the next review of the third book: Forever.)

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