Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Reading Nook -- Renee

My Reading Nook, a feature from Soon Remembered Tales, gives readers a chance to show off their favorite place to read.

What’s your reading nook? 

This is my bedroom. In the picture, you can see the two places that I read the most. Obviously the first one is my bed. I always love to have an abundance of pillows and blankets to make the reading experience most pleasurable. Hidden behind my pillows is a window seat. When it’s nice outside, I like to set pillows against the sides and open my windows and just read for hours. Also, I have books on the shelves on both sides of my bed as well as another floor to ceiling shelf on the opposite side of my room. 

Why is this nook special? 

I love this nook because of the lighting when I open the windows and because of the comfort. I always know I can retreat to a book in my room when I need a break from school or just life in general. 

About You: 

I’m 16 years old and I’m a junior in high school. I have been reading my whole life and I have recently become a book blogger after having tumblr for years, because I think that it’s a very good way for me to spend my time on the internet. I love reading and I’m always looking for new book recommendations. The booklr community is amazing and hopefully I will have a growing role in it in the following months. 

Interested in sharing your own reading nook? Take a look at the My Reading Nook tab for more information!

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