Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Month in Reviews -- March

March is a great month, typically. It has the first spring holiday (St. Patrick's Day) even though, technically, it's the last winter holiday. But in my mind it's more spring-oriented with all the clover and green. Most of the time we end up getting nice weather for St. Patrick's Day as well, so that's always a plus. Winter becomes something of a memory and I'm giddy to wear green and eat soda bread. But the spring-feel (plus the actual arrival of spring) wasn't understood by all and we ended up getting the most snow of this winter during the month!

St. Patrick's Day dinner
March was introduced with a snowstorm and then, slowly, it became warmer and I was able to go hiking in a tank-top and capris. It was wonderful and nature agreed. Crocus bloomed, the trees budded, and robins were happily digging for worms. Then it snowed again -- on the first official day of spring. 

But winter was slowly slinking off to hide until the end of the year and the first big sign of this was that I had my first full week of work at my office since December! The warmer days are starting to outnumber the cold days and I am confident that soon enough I'll be complaining about the heat and humidity. Just last week we had nearly 80-degree temperatures and ridiculous humidity, followed by our first thunderstorm, so summer isn't far away.

This month was also busy as I worked on a big release at my job and finished up a copyediting course I was taking. Let me tell you, editing documents from 7:30 in the morning until 9 at night, with breaks only being to drive and eat, is exhausting.

Copyediting final and cats.

With the class taken care of, I finally had a chance to pleasure read without feeling guilty, and better yet--I was able to write blog posts again! April will be a month spent catching up.

Book Reviews:

Other Posts:

  • For Wanderlust Wednesday we visited the city of San Francisco and got some coffee from Caffee Triste--my favorite coffee spot while I was in San Francisco in October. Believe me when I say that once I'm back in that city, it'll be one of the first places I go to eat breakfast.
  • I discussed my goals for the next year and a half while I head toward the ripe, old age of thirty.
  • We visited California and the San Francisco Bay area for a peek at Ashley's reading nook. Complete with comfy pillows and cuddly cats. I can verify that the cats are cuddly as I've met them and cuddled with them until they found their food dishes more interesting.
  • The Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge for all of those die-hard readers and Gilmore Girls fans out there.

Must Reads from the Web:

A lot has gone on around the web, much of it I didn't have the chance to capture by means of sharing links, but here are some highlights from the past month!

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