Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Month In Reviews -- April

How is it already (nearly) May? I feel that we still have so much more time left in the month of April, yet here we are. But I say this every month, I don't know where the time went.

I'm certainly over the "April Showers" of the month and I'm eager for May Flowers, let me tell you.

Since this was the first month of significantly more consistently warm weather and no snow, my life has become more active. We celebrated Easter in Pennsylvania, away from internet and cell reception and surrounded by bears (not literally... well, sort of) and chilly winds. We visited my favorite city of Bethlehem where my boyfriend attended his first (and most certainly not his last) blacksmith class while I meandered the local Moravian Book Shop.

My insane consumption of reading has dwindled slightly with the warmer weather. We've had construction at our home, the weather has been bright and cheerful so I've tried to go on hikes a few times a week, and we've been doing a lot of cleaning and gardening. My time for reading has been, generally, cut short. But hopefully that will change once the comfortable spring weather disappears and the hotter, summer weather takes its place.

In Virginia, we typically only have a few months where it's pleasurable to be outdoors until it's either too cold or too hot, so I want to enjoy every moment I can in the outside world!

Allergies and colds took over my life for a solid chunk of time as well which certainly wasn't fun, but everything passes by and I'm thankful for that, as I was able to head outdoors not too long after being bedridden and see that spring really had sprung!

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