Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lists within Lists

When I began this blog I was a baby of twenty-two. I suppose, according to some, I'm still a baby. But I can't avoid the fact that I am quickly nearly the landmark birthday of thirty. As I write this, I'll be turning twenty-nine in July, so I have about a year and a half to go until the big three-zero, that doesn't mean I haven't looked at that future birthday with great intentions.

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I've seen this before, people making to do lists before they graduate High School, College, get married, have kids, turn a certain age -- all of that -- and if there's one thing I am, I'm a list writer. I love lists, I always have, and I enjoy the feeling of success when I cross items off a list and ultimately finish it. So, why not make my own list? Why not make a list of what I would like to do before I turn thirty. In no way do I feel that thirty is an end all -- I feel it is quite possibly the start of a better phase in my life (if the opinions of my 30+ year old friends are anything to go by). But I just can't turn down the good opportunity for a list.

Here it is, but note: this list began a month after my twenty-eighth birthday. So some items are already crossed off!
  1. Run two 5ks or one 10k 
  2. Take a picture everyday for one year 
  3. Finish my copy editing certification 
  4. Stand in the Pacific Ocean  Completed on October 12, 2014.
  5. Get my passport 
  6. Visit two states I've never been to (Visited California in October 2014)
  7. Go kayaking 
  8. Go without my phone/the internet for 24 hours (no 365 photo) 
  9. Take an aerial aerobics class 
  10. Take a painting class 
  11. Host a dinner party 
  12. Work on my French every weekday for a month 
  13. Pay off all credit card debt 
  14. Do writing prompts everyday for a month 
  15. Go gluten free  I went gluten free as I adjusted to a new diet to help my IBS. Luckily, I can still eat gluten, I just have to be careful of how much and how often.
  16. Conquer a fear Zip lining in West Virginia, August 2014. (never again)
  17. Open up a savings/401K account 
  18. Go on a whale watch tour 
  19. Make a quilt 
  20. Maintain a garden 
  21. Go hiking for a full day 
  22. Learn calligraphy 
  23. Cook one meal from each section of the Italian Cooking Bible 
  24. Watch the sun rise (and not on the way to work) 
  25. Go on a vacation with my girlfriends 
  26. Work out twice a week for three months straight (One more month to go!)
  27. Get a pedicure/manicure 
  28. Leave the United States! 
  29. Go to the dentist and get the "all clear"! 
  30. Read 100 books (34 done!)

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