Monday, March 2, 2015

A Month in Reviews -- February

I have mixed feelings about February. I'm glad we're really settled into the new year, saddened that the last of three day weekends are occurring (Presidents' Day weekend is a three day weekend for me! But I won't see another free bee weekend like that until Memorial Day), but I'm also super excited that the final winter holidays occur and I can really begin looking forward to spring.

February has been busy and pretty overwhelming. A lot of life choices were presented to me over the course of the month and with my work schedule and classwork overtaking my free time, I've often felt exhausted. Books, certainly, were my escape.

I've mentioned before that I follow a FODMAP-friendly diet to help manage my IBS, which I was diagnosed with almost a year ago but have been suffering from for eight years. It's a long road and I'm inching along with it. Certain foods need to be avoided and others, well, we'll see! I've also discovered an allergy to some medication I was taking and had to go off it. There's been a lot of research and learning of how to handle this new life but I'm feeling positive and made more progress in February. Hooray!

In the DC region we've experienced a number of seasons over the month. One weekend we had nearly 70 degree temperatures, which was spent entirely outdoors as we finally took down our outdoor Christmas lights and took a five mile hike. Then the temperatures dropped and we had -17 degree wind chills on Valentine's Day night, followed by snow squalls.

Valentine's Day was pretty fun this year as it was a part of a three day weekend and landed on a Saturday. It was filled with food treats and naps. Basically, it was awesome.

But once Valentine's Day was over, no matter the wind chill, I was taking out spring table cloths and putting away the winter decorations. While I want snowstorms for snow days, I also want warm spring weather. I can't wait to sit in the sunshine and read!

Aside from wanting warmer days, I want to share book reviews with you!

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