Thursday, February 5, 2015

My Reading Nook -- Sarah

My Reading Nook, a feature from Soon Remembered Tales, gives readers a chance to show off their favorite place to read.

What’s your reading nook? 

Roughly seven months ago, my partner and I moved in together - new apartment, new reading nook. I still feel as if I'm adjusting to the space, particularly when it comes to finding a comfortable and lighted area in a one-windowed loft with little to no privacy. I've taken to using the big leather chair, angled in the corner by the window. At least the feeling of seclusion is present. Cue the fluffy blankets and basset hounds to snuggle. 

Why is this nook special? 

The necessity of my nook is what makes it special, I think. Here's what I've learned from living in this open space with another person and two dogs: how to perform under pressure. I've always been a very distracted reader - quickly picking up my phone, playing with my dogs, thinking about how much laundry I have to do. However, I love reading and being in this new environment has truly forced me to focus. The dogs barking in the background or the boyfriend playing video games on the couch next to my nook does not bother me as much as these distractions once did. I don't think my reading nook fits its standard definition of cozy and comfortable, but it has given me a sense of flexibility and a place of study. 

Where else do you read? 

With this new self-awareness, I read just about everywhere I can - riding in the car, the elevator, in the line at the grocery store checkout, on my phone, my tablet, my computer. I oftentimes find myself pulling a book from our shelves in our office space, plopping down in the desk chair, and reading a few pages before moving on to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. 

About you: 

My name is Sarah Reynolds, a part-time blogger, full-time worker, and a forever lover of words. I am originally from the Endless Mountains in northeastern Pennsylvania and now reside in Baltimore, Maryland. I have a degree in creative writing, editing, and publishing, but find myself working in higher education fundraising. Check out my blog, craft projects (#SarahCrafts), iPhone photography, and general life musings using the links below: 

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