Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dancing with Mr. Darcy

This was an impulse buy while at my local Barnes and Noble. It was placed on top of a bargain bin and while I generally stay away from the bargain bins (due to finding very few books of interest) this caught my eye. Snagging it, I inspected the book and upon approving it worthy of the few bucks in asking price, I bought it.

The page count isn’t extreme, which I have found I need with with collections of short stories. You would think that a love of reading would cover all aspects, including novels, novellas, and short stories, yet I’ve never found short stories (or essays) to grab my attention. It’s a true rarity when I do find something that seems to fit.

Funny, considering I co-wrote a short story in The Midnight Carnival.

I think my distrust in collections are from the works I find uninteresting. It’s a risk to buy a book and discover you only like one part of it. For Dancing with Mr. Darcy, I was pleased to enjoy a few of the stories, all of which could not be grouped together by writing style or plot.

What I found most impressive is that a month after I completed the book, I still found myself thinking of it fondly. I recalled specific stories – a mother and son traveling to the UK, a model, a dream – and I would get the same feeling I so often felt while reading Austen in the past: a quiet of the soul and content feeling in the heart.

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