Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome Home

"There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed."
-Kate Douglas Wiggin

A year ago, I made a tough decision. Life had become substantially busy. I had just moved (again), I was adjusting to a new job, my commute had tripled in length, and I had so few precious moments to myself that I rarely had the energy to read, let alone write blog entries. I felt overwhelmed, and worse, I felt myself a disappointment. I had readers who were left with occasional, quickly-written posts that had very little weight to them. Not only did I feel I was letting my audience down, but I felt I was letting myself down.

It had been a struggle for awhile, but by that point in the beginning of 2014, I had come to terms with what I had to do: I had to stop blogging. It was hard and immediately I missed it. For someone who didn't have enough time to blog, I certainly had plenty of time to miss it.

The missing became a job in itself. I thought of my sliver of the internet a ton and I found myself considering how I would make the blog work, how to change it and make it be a part of my life again, and by the start of summer I realized I really wanted to bring it back. I wanted this blog active again.

But I couldn't just bring it back. There were obvious problems I needed to address first. One being, how was I going to handle my busy schedule and still maintain this blog? Well, I think I have that figured out, but experience will lead to the true answer. I also wanted to update it a bit. A new layout, thanks to Jana Tolman Design; updated pages with new photos (links on the top of the page); and a lot of plotting and note-taking on how I plan to go from here on out.

Not only do I intend on returning with book reviews -- my original passion. I hope to include Banned Books every fall and children's books, too. My Tumblr has remained active, even while this blog was closed, so nothing will change with that! But I hope to write about my travels as well. I've been blessed to visit a lot of different locations in recent years and have a long list of future trips I'll be taking. And, if anything, no matter where I go I always make it a point to try and pick up a book.

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In the end, I'm so happy to be back.

But first, what's gone on in the past year? 2014 was a crazy one. I went from one job to another. I continued working towards my copyediting certification. I lived at three different addresses. I moved further away from Washington, DC early last year only to move even further away by Halloween; this time I was moving further away for something other than cheaper rent -- it was to move in with my boyfriend. And the 4 hour commute was made better when I bought my first car. But moving in with my boyfriend brought on a slew of other work -- home care. 

A blanket fort prior to my first move earlier last year.
I have so much respect for people who completely redo their homes. Painting two rooms was enough for us. We have foresworn ever painting again unless it's for crafts. But making a home a home is so fun! Picking out pumpkins to decorate our front step for Halloween, plotting meals with friends where we host dinner, figuring out the details of our first Christmas together, and hosting our first New Year's Eve party -- it's lovely and I'm thrilled to have these experiences.

I have also traveled. Oh, have I traveled. Pennsylvania to visit my parents; Williamsburg and Jamestowne, Virginia for the Fourth of July weekend; Tampa, Florida to see family; San Jose and San Francisco, California to visit my boyfriend's family and our friends, but also Yosemite to commune with nature; West Virginia to see Harpers Ferry and zipline through the mountains. I have placed my feet in the Pacific Ocean for the first time in my life and I've seen snowcapped mountains. I've pet kangaroos and have met a banana slug. While I haven't left the United States, my eyes are wide with how large our world is.

Row 1: Our very snowy early 2014 winter; the beau and I in Florida; myself feeding a kangaroo; the church in Harpers Ferry
Row 2: The governor's palace; the fountains of Fairfax Corner; the beau BBQing; SANTA during the Fourth of July
Row 3: An autumnal stream in Virginia; Jamestowne; the pagoda of Reading, PA; myself at the PA Ren Faire
Row 4: Pumpkin-self in Monterey, California; giant redwoods in CA; Yosemite National Park, CA; the beau and I at the Golden Gate Bridge
I have also worked on making myself healthier. I've become quite knowledgable in finding doctors of varying specialties and setting up appointments. I've learned a lot about how my body works and what it doesn't like or need, and I'm learning how to keep it functional in the best of ways. This new year I hope to become a master of all this knowledge and make myself the healthiest I have ever been.

All in all, the past year was full of growth and change in the best of ways. It wasn't always easy but it was certainly a good thing. A period of self reflection is, I'm sure, good for everyone, and I got to witness some pretty stellar sunsets and develop a better appreciation for the world I live in.

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