Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Reading Nook -- Erica

My Reading Nook, a feature from Soon Remembered Tales, gives readers a chance to show off their favorite place to read.

What's your reading nook?

In the corner of our study, with a large window on one side and my bookshelf on the other, is my reading chair. I get plenty of natural daylight and keep a blanket handy for ultimate cozy book reading.

Why is the nook special?

My nook is special to me because I earned it! My chair, purchased at Pier 1, was my first expensive piece of "adult" furniture. I had looked all over for The Perfect Reading Chair when I moved to Virginia and after nearly two years, I saved enough money for the purchase. I've had it in three different homes since I purchased the chair but it's always been located in a special place. More important furniture has been added -- a new bookshelf and a cute side table (purchased at Pier 1 as well) -- and I hope to get a foot rest someday in the future. I particularly love placing my reading nook near a window because I can enjoy the view when I take breaks as I read. I'm a daydreamer and I've noticed that often when I read, I'll pause and stare at the window as I think about the book. Sitting by the window, I get to see the little woods outside -- one of my favorite scenes. I'm often joined by cats while sitting in this chair reading away or watching movies and that only makes the experience more enjoyable!

Where else do you read?

I also read in bed or on our living room couch. The break room at work or the train are other locations. I have trouble reading in public because I'm often distracted, so long as I can tune out what's going on around me, I can read just about anywhere.

About you:

I'm your neighborhood writer for this blog and creator of My Reading Nook. I feel that where you choose to read says a lot about you and the life you live. It's interesting, special, and I love getting a peek into the lives of readers in this way. Everyone lives differently, everyone reads differently, and that's what makes it special.

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