Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Make or Break

When I first began Soon Remembered Tales it was just after college. I was yearning for the set schedule of my college years and the assignments that I once complained about. It was odd for me not to constantly be reading classics and writing essays. After all, I had been in school for 17 years, and suddenly that constant presence was gone from my life. Aside from that, I had a lot of free time where I was reading new and old books. During the rereads I discovered how much I had forgotten about books. I had forgotten moments I loved or reasons I hated others. I wanted to be able to take notes and see what I had thought about a book years beforehand. So this blog was born.

Slowly it morphed into an actual review blog where I was receiving copies from publishers and authors alike and reviewing the books for free. I wanted to keep readers happy and get a lot of views so I started to churn out more and more reviews plus filler posts. My quality, in many ways, stayed the same.

Then this year happened and as I mentioned in my last personal post I have been so busy I can barely keep track of everything that has been going on. It’s a good kind of busy, a happy kind of busy. My life is happy and full but there is little time for blogging and over the past three months I have been stressing over the status of this space.

I began to force myself to write reviews on books I didn’t particularly enjoy nor had much to say about. Then my reading slowed up—I haven’t read a full book since October—and I wondered how else I could fill up this blog. Should I put filler posts in? No, because I don’t find blogs that just have filler posts to be very entertaining and I didn’t want that to happen to this space. Should I just let the blog die? No, it may die in the future if I continue to be so overwhelmingly busy but for the moment I don’t want to take that step.

Then what?

The sad fact is that while I love writing reviews, I don’t have the time. I’m not paid for reviews, I don’t make any profit from this site, so I work a full time job outside of here. I’d love for my income to be from book reviews and running the social media aspect of all of this but that unfortunately is not my place in life. At least not right now. So with working a full time job and doing real-life things outside of here it’s been hard to read books. The holidays have taken a real hit for me as all of my spare time has been spent crocheting Christmas gifts. Still, reading is as much a part of me as my need to be near trees or my obsession with Christmas music. I was growing more and more stressed until my friend took me aside and commanded I go to a bookstore, be frivolous and buy a book I’ve had my eye on, then go home and read.

The book of choice for my night of reading.

I did just that and like magic, most of my stress dissipated. I was ok. I could breathe again. My body had gotten a taste of reading and I realized how much I not only needed it but missed it.

Still, I don’t have the time to read enough books to post reviews every week. Hell, I have had numerous post ideas floating around in my drafts for quite some time. Thoughtful, in depth posts, that have all been ignored because I haven’t had the time to sit down and do the ideas justice.

And with all of this slushing around in my mind over the past month I’ve finally come to a decision: the blog will drift. I’ll update it when I can and hopefully then the posts will be of better quality. Do not think that this blog is dead, it’s not, but I have other things outside of the blog world to focus on for the moment.

I hope to have more varied posts in the future—traveling with books, reviews, and random things such as that—and hopefully it will happen. For now I bid you all a brief adieu. This blog will be back, not as frequently as it has been in the past, but it will have reviews scattered here and there when I have the chance to sit down and write so please don’t run away just yet.

Happy Holidays, guys.

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