Monday, December 30, 2013

Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened

I'm so happy that I purchased this book and flew through it. As often as I complain about loud, odd, sometimes insane people on the DC Metro, I certainly became one of them each morning that I rode the metro on my way to work (but just while reading this; I haven't completely gone insane). Sitting on the metro I would be reduced to snorting and giggling over the stories Allie has cartoonized and shared with us. It is a rarity--A RARITY--for books to elicit literal emotional reactions from me but this book joins that small club.

Everything she shared I found myself going, "Oh my god, I do that too!" and laughing all the while. In some ways, I want to force my boyfriend to read this book so that he might better understand the internal debates and thoughts I have.

But on a more serious note, I was particularly impressed and thrilled to see that Allie included Depression Parts 1 & 2. I am always so grateful to people who have a platform in the world for taking a step forward and admitting that they are not perfect. Whether it be celebrity, singer, artist, or author; I appreciate when they admit that they have suffered from mental illness, addiction, or various other unfortunate events that happen to people in the world and are often ignored and not talked about. Allie was capable of taking depression, a subject that often is ignored and brushed under the carpet, and writing about it with a splash of her typical humor but in such an informative way that for people who have suffered from depression can identify, those who know people who have suffered from depression can relate, and those who may have never experienced depression (as someone who has suffered it themselves or has known someone who has suffered from it) and informs them of what it really is like.

So much of depression, I feel, is glossed over in our culture. It's ignored or joked about and people often don't take much time to try and grasp it or understand it. Family members or friends of someone who is depressed may try to help or get frustrated when their loved one can't just "snap out of it" but it's not that easy. Allie addresses this and she addresses it well.

So while this book is labeled as humor -- which is certainly IS humorous -- it also has a lot of truth bombs that are informative and helpful. I'm thankful that Allie chose to share that with us (on her blog and in her book).

Overall, after taking a reading hiatus for so long I'm happy that this was one was one of the books that reintroduced me to reading. I'd suggest this to anyone. Or maybe just force them to read it. Fabulous, fabulous, and I want to read it again.

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