Monday, October 21, 2013

Sisters Red

In August I went on a trip to Florida. I had a number of books sitting on my bookshelf but didn't want to bog down my luggage with them so I opted to take my Kindle. My Kindle is packed with unread books as well. It's possibly worse than my bookshelf. So when it came down to finding a book to read I browsed through my "to-read" shelf until I spotted something that seemed like an appropriate vacation read: Sisters Red.

How silly of me to have forgotten this book! When I had gotten it, I was so excited to have it as I had seen it repeatedly in stores and found it really intriguing. But, as often happens, I probably ended up putting it aside to finish another book and therefore forgot about it completely. I'm scatterbrained sometimes.

Well, scatterbrained no more! I started to read this book and devoured it within a day. It was one of those enjoyable books that when finished I wanted more. I wanted it to continue. I stalked the poor author with hopes of finding out that she had continued the tale. I didn't see a continuation (unfortunately) but she does have other books along the same line as this. So, without further rambling, let's hop into what the book is about!

Think of Little Red Riding Hood then put it in a bottle, throw a dash of spice to it, and shake. That's basically what you come up with when you're reading this book. 

Scarlett and Rosie March; two sisters; two orphans; two hunters. Both girls survived a werewolf attack that took the life of their grandmother when they were young and now devote their lives to keeping other girls from suffering as they have. 

Scarlett, the protective, older sister to Rosie, became a fighter through and through when the wolf attacked their home when they were children. In order to protect her little sister, Scarlett killed a wolf and lost an eye in the process. Now, as an adult, she's even more lethal. Rosie, however, isn't quite made of the same stuff. 

Enter the long time family friend, Silas, who happens to be a Woodsman (sound like Little Red Riding Hood yet?) who has been off finding himself for the past year and has just returned. When it becomes apparent that there is something big happening in the werewolf world, that a potential new werewolf could join the ranks of the various packs, it seems Silas came back just in time.

The girls and Silas travel to the big city where they set up camp to stalk out the different werewolf packs. It's there that things really begin to spin into hyper drive. Sparks fly between Rosie and Silas, Rosie begins to truly embrace that being a wolf hunter isn't something she wants to be, and Scarlett feels like she is losing her better half. All of this and the potential werewolf needs to be saved without the cost of losing their own lives. 

There were a few portions of the book that didn't sit well with me. Particularly a part that came across as victim shaming (check this article out for a really good write up of the issue with this). When I finished the book I felt that I still wanted to know more about the characters and I realized, after some time, that part of that desire was stirred up because the character development wasn't perfect. There is a lot that could be done to make this book better than it is but that's sort of a moot point, isn't it? It's published already and doubtful to ever be rewritten. Still, any issues aside this job served the purpose that I hoped it would. It entertained me and I had fun reading it. It was the perfect read on a vacation get away and I'm glad I read it!

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