Monday, October 28, 2013

Me Talk Pretty One Day

I have a secret: I'm sort of a nervous flier. Here's the thing, I love take off and landing while in a plane. I love the concept of getting in a plane and ending up somewhere different in so short a period of time. However, after working for the FAA my opinion of flying has changed slightly. I've also taken many more trips in a short period of time than before so I notice the tendencies I have while going places. One in particular is that the moment the plane so much as quivers while flying I begin to feel anxious.

So whenever I fly I make sure to take a book with me. Usually I can pass the flight with my headphones plugged in and sleeping away while music plays but it's the start of the flight, right after take off where the fun ends and you can't turn on electronics yet, that I sit there white knuckling the seat. That's when I take out a book to read so that I have a way to distract myself and, if I'm lucky, it's a book that I'll really enjoy and will sweep me away. During my first flight I read I Capture the Castle and it made the flight much easier despite the horrendous turbulence. 

In August, when I flew to Florida, I was midway through Me Talk Pretty One Day and had already laughed my way through metro stops to and from work so I thought it'd be a good distraction.

I was right.

Do you know how awkward it is when you're sitting amongst a lot of very quiet people on a flight and then you burst out laughing? I do, because I did it. I laughed my way from Washington, DC to Tampa, Florida and into the evening when I finished the book.

I've read David Sedaris' Holidays on Ice before and I really enjoyed it. It was twisted and funny so I was more than willing to give another one of his books a try. Me Talk Pretty One Day was another book I had on my to read list for a long while so I was happy to finally get around to it.

I didn't realize that it was a collection of essays but loved each one individually. Together they created a nice, amusing tale of David Sedaris' life. Real or not, I don't know, and I find I don't particularly care. I was laughing along with this book and it's so rare that I'll actually react to a book. I'll have great waves of emotions but they'll all be internal. To actually get me to react outwardly is rare but this book achieved that. I laughed my way to the end and was happy to do so.

Here's the thing, despite having read a Sedaris book before, I always seem to forget that I enjoy his books and find them funny. They're often not on the top of my to-read list but I think that's more so because the subject manner, humor, is something that I don't often go to when looking for something to read. I need to keep this mind in the future. He's a good author to visit when I'm interested in finding something light-hearted and humorous. Maybe, even, he should be my go-to author when I'm flying.

Sometimes the books border a little ridiculous, cruel, or down right wrong but I still find them funny and entertaining and sometimes that's all you need in a book, no?

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