Monday, September 9, 2013

Ghost Hunter's Guide to New Orleans

I picked this book up from a little witch shop in the French Quarter while visiting New Orleans in May. My mother loves ghost stories and long before I went to the Crescent City we often watched shows about ghost stories that centered around the city. When I was out one evening and browsing stores I came across this book and selected it from the multitude of other ghost hunting books the stores had to offer. I browsed them all but this was the one that seemed to be of my mother's interest.

First, however, I wanted to read it for myself and knowing that I wouldn't see my mother right away after coming back to DC I figured I'd read it and highlight the different places I visited for her own interest.

The book is written by sections of the city: The Garden District, the French Quarter and so on but it also has stories of the areas outside of New Orleans. Each entry has information on the lodgings or location, if available, and some feature photos of interior or exterior shots. 

The author is a 'ghost hunter' and while other ghost hunting books seem to be a pat on the back for the author and their past experiences, the author of this book sticks to the facts. He tells you the ghost stories for each location and if he brings up his own experiences he keeps them brief. I enjoyed that aspect of the book because I want to know what the ghost stories are of each location, not to read constant dribble about how wonderful of a ghost hunter the author is. This book wasn't about himself, it was about the historic details of the locations mentioned.

As I was in New Orleans I went on a number of ghost tours and read plenty of information besides talking to locals and hearing their own tales but this book was incredibly informative. Some of the stories I had already heard about but many I had not and the entries, at times, provided historic notes about the locations that I hadn't heard of before.

It certainly made me want to go back and visit some of the places that I hadn't had the chance to see before and I'm sure, once my mother has a chance to read the book as well, she'll feel the same way. 

So if you're in New Orleans and looking for a book about the ghost-filled locations in the area to do your own ghost hunting, pick this up. It's carried by plenty of shops in the area so I doubt it'll be hard to find. My friend picked up a ghost hunting book as well which didn't satisfy her (as mentioned, it was a pat on the back for the author and lacking in the ghost stories it was claiming to have) and the other ghost hunting/story books I looked at seemed quite similar. This book, however, has my vote so check it out!

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