Monday, September 2, 2013

Beautiful Chaos

With this being the third book of the Beautiful Creatures series, and all of the BC books seeming pretty long, I was wondering if the storyline would get old or the authors would go off track. Well, I can say that this book wasn't necessarily my favorite in the series -- the first still holds my favor -- this book wasn't bad, either. 

The world seemingly is coming to an end and while part of this book was predictable there were a lot of twists and turns through out it that left you reeling. Sometimes with predictable books, it seems (for me at least), they become extremely boring because you're reading all of this build up for an ending that you know is coming. With Beautiful Chaos I often felt "well this is what's going on, right?" but then the story would take a sharp turn and I'd be caught up in what was going on at that moment and wondering about x, y, and z, completely forgetting about my guesswork as I continued rumbling down this confusing road.

While during the last book Lena was acting extremely out of character in this book it's Ethan who has the change in personality, even if it's only slight. We find out more about the inner workings of the Caster world and there are direct consequences that seem to result from choices made that are much more destructive, personally, for our characters in addition to destroying the whole world (more or less).

The first book is much different from the following two. When this series was introduced Lena and Ethan are dealing with a lot of the typical pressures and upsets that teens in High School deal with but with a dash of magic thrown in that makes things just a touch worse. Now, however, they're learning that what they do has true consequences that don't only affect themselves but others -- whether they know that person or not -- and sometimes you have to do less favorable things to make it all better.

The end of this book, while not surprising (as I said, it's kind of predictable) is surprising simply because the authors did go that route. It's implied repeatedly that to help fix the world and keep it from falling apart as it has been the entire novel that someone would have to sacrifice themselves. While the authors could have taken the easy route and provided some last minute way out of this ending, they didn't, and killed one of the main characters. 

The book also deals with loss, once more, as all of the books have dealt with a death of a person the main characters have cared about in one way or another. I appreciate the feeling of loss being explored by the authors as it's all from different view points and shows that everyone deals with death in different ways and in their own time. I've mentioned this before with other books but I often feel that the harder things in live are avoided in children and YA literature or just brushed over in the simplest way possible. 

This book was "good". I plan on reading the next but am finding myself glad that I'm nearing the close of the series. It's good and I'm happy to continue but the books are very long and the story is starting to be a bit drawn out. I just want to know the end already!

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