Monday, August 26, 2013

The Lost Reflection

I would have given this book a two star rating but added a third for the simple fact that I am nostalgic of my New Orleans vacation. The editor for this book, if there is one, missed a slew of mistakes and the characters spoke like robots. I'm not one for crime novels, so maybe that's my fault for reading this and expecting to enjoy it more than I did, but this certainly was, in my eyes, a "crime" novel with a splash of romance and a dash of vampires. In fact, the vampires and crime were only discussion points for the first half of the novel which seemed to be focusing on the romance portion. Then, when the vampires truly took a role, I was left wondering "but what happened" with the romantic perusals.

Some of the descriptions of the city were pretty spot on while many other portions of the book, pertaining to the history and city details, were incorrect. Again, maybe my own knowledge is lacking as I am not a New Orleans resident but a visitor. However, I spent a good deal of times on historic tours, learning about the construction of the city and homes, in addition to hearing about the vampire legends - and that was just for when I was in the city! This isn't counting what information I was able to gather on my own before and after I visited. So I was disappointed in that and felt that the author might have never visited the place to begin with. That maybe he wrote this based off of google map searches and guess work. 

And yet, a shop-keep suggested the book to me and praised it. Maybe it was a selling point to reach a certain daily goal, but I had expected more. The plot is interesting but the writing style, and certainly the editing, make the book sag under the weight of poor execution.

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