Monday, July 22, 2013


Dracula. The most well known vampire in literature and the influence for so many more stories like it. When I was in Middle School I attempted to read this book multiple times and every time I failed. I found the writing style dry and struggled to maintain interest in it. It reminded me too much of the books I was being forced to read in school which I generally found similar to having my nails pulled off. 

Hop and skip to college and it was much of the same thing: I knew that Dracula classified as not only a classic but as a substantial point in vampire literature which I adored. But I couldn't bring myself to read it. Finally, finally I read the book and it wasn't all that bad. 

The sum up: a relestate sale goes horribly wrong when Jonathan does a deal with the Devil... well, not quite. When Dracula decides he wants to move to England he leaves a trail of certain destruction in his way. Jonathan feels he has gone mad and leaves his bride-to-be, Mina, in a worried state. 

Dracula comes to England and quickly begins to gain control over more people. Mina's good friend, Lucy, is the first female victim (one can assume Jonathan and Renfield - an insane fellow - are the first substantial living victims) and then he begins to go after Mina herself.

My favorite portion of the book was of the transformation of Lucy. She is stalked, grows ill, and is taken by Dracula. The fight to save her by many men who love her is at times frustrating and in the end pointless. Unlike the other classic vampire literature that exists, Dracula gets quite involved in showing how a vampire is created and how their personality changes within Stoker's mythology. Also, it is pretty on top of showing how to kill one of our fangy friends.

A lot of the letter exchanges bored me within the book and I seemed to find myself only truly entertained when there was a lot of action. Waiting out Dracula then being foiled by his trickery was entertaining to me. The love letters and talk of normal life? Not so much. When I came to the close of the book I was happy I had finally read it and surprised it wasn't as bad as I had thought I remembered. But... I still found a good deal of it boring and I was indeed happy to be at its end. 

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