Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Return!

Often times book bloggers either over share (and stray from reviewing books) or share too little about their lives. I want to share a little bit about myself so that you, the reader, will know who I, the writer, am. I have no intention of turning this into a personal blog but after seeing Currently posts from Sometimes Sweet I felt that it would be a nice break every once in awhile. 
Watching: Dates from BBC. It's fantastic and I'm so glad to see Katie McGrath doing something that's modern day! I really love BBC shows, so much more than the majority that are shown in America. I'm also still catching up on Supernatural. I have only a season and a half to go before I've watched every episode! Plus, I watch Teen Wolf which is laughably bad but that's the point of watching it. My friend and I will get on Skype and watch it together (she's in California and I, well, am not).

Listening to: 8tracks again, finally, as I have the internets once more. I also have been jamming to my "Autumn" playlist. I've been putting it together bit by bit so that I may make an 8tracks mix for it but these things come along when they want to.

Thinking about: This is very vaguebook but I've been thinking about future prospects. I can only say that much for the time being.

Loving: My new apartment! It's really wonderful and so quiet. The only noise I ever hear from my neighbors is the baby who lives beneath me and that's rare and very muffled. Oh, and the trains; there are trains outside my apartment which are somewhat noisy but I've already become used to the rumble. It's right along really beautiful running and biking trails plus a river so I have no excuse to not go running. In addition to this I am extremely close to a shopping center -- it's only a five minute walk away! I'm so glad to be living in a place where I do not need to depend on a car and can use my feet or public transportation instead.

Reading: Any Neil Gaiman I can get my hands on. Or, at least, that's the plan. I am currently reading The Lost Reflection which I picked up in New Orleans. It's a good reminder of that beautiful city which I miss so much. I can't believe it's been a month since I was there already! Time, please stop flying by.

Making Me Happy: Two very big things: One being that one of my best friends will be visiting for the fourth of July and my birthday. I haven't seen her in about five years so this is certainly long overdue! And there's no better way I could spend my birthday than with her. Another very exciting big thing that is making me happy is that I was able to meet Neil Gaiman this past Friday! And he held my hand! And he was lovely! and he signed my book! There will be more to come of that in the near future.

Point is: I am back from my hiatus, I have internet, and I hope to be around more regularly in the future. I still have to iron out my schedule and I have copyediting classes that started yesterday but I'm back!

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