Monday, June 10, 2013

The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit has long been a staple in nursery bookshelves. Along with Winnie the Pooh, I loved these books as a child and they were often read to me by my mother. As an adult, I adore seeing the Peter Rabbit artwork being added to teacups or picture frames -- even if they are mainly focused for the market of pregnant women and nurseries. It reminds me of my own childhood and how special that little rabbit was. So it comes as no surprise that I was introduced to The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit because it was a gift to my cousin's two year old. That didn't stop me from eagerly reading the book by myself. 

Peter Rabbit is back and written by actress Emma Thompson. Usually, I shy away from actress-turned-authors but I'm glad I dove into this despite my usual apprehension. Eleanor Taylor, the illustrator of the book, keeps the same style in her work as the original Peter Rabbits which, for me, is something that is necessary and completely unforgivable if it's messed up. That's part of the wonder and adoration I have for Peter Rabbit -- the artwork -- and I'm happy that it was not lost when given to a different illustrator.

Thompson, who created the story, keeps Peter getting into his typical antics. He's such a curious little bunny and it doesn't always work out in his favor! That remains true, of course, as the curiosity of Peter gets the best of him and he ends up in Scotland.

I have to say, my first comment about the book was that I pointed out to my cousin that the large rabbit he bumps into is wearing a kilt -- I couldn't get over it! It was just too darling.

Peter continues on his merry way and is welcomed in by the Scottish rabbits. He finds a large radish that would be used for a rabbit version of the Highland games and -- oops! -- eats it hollow! The story line continues and is, as mentioned, a typical Peter Rabbit "tail" (pun intended). The artwork was wonderful to pour myself over and truly brought back memories of my mother reading the tiny Peter Rabbit books to me as a child. It made me feel comforted as I had back then and for any book to have the power to create the feeling of comfort and nostalgia is great in my opinion. 

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