Tuesday, June 4, 2013

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Often times book bloggers either over share (and stray from reviewing books) or share too little about their lives. I want to share a little bit about myself so that you, the reader, will know who I, the writer, am. I have no intention of turning this into a personal blog but after seeing Currently posts from Sometimes Sweet I felt that it would be a nice break every once in awhile. 
Watching: Supernatural and trying to finish all of the seasons. This is an endeavor I took on in April and have been slowly conquering. I'm up to Season 5 right now so at least I've passed the halfway point!

Listening to: A playlist I made called "Adventure" with all the songs that remind me of vacations and the south. Typically when I prepare for a vacation I make a playlist of my favorite songs and one song specifically reminds me of that trip. The lyrics may have nothing to do with where I went but for some reason when I hear it I'm overwhelmed by the nostalgia of the trip.

Swamp Tour!
Thinking about: New Orleans! The week in the Crescent City was wonderful and I want to go back as soon as possible! I've been hit hard by the post-vacation blues really hard and I'm such a little sad sack. I've never been able to go on many vacations in my life so this was kind of a big deal and it certainly fed into my wanderlust. There are two things I know for sure: I will go back to New Orleans and I can't wait to take my next trip. My next destination is either Tampa or Boston!

Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter
Loving: That DC has similar temperatures as New Orleans did while I was there. When my plane touched down I was chilly -- 70 degrees was much too cold! -- but now it's booted up into the low 90's and that's more like what I was experiencing on vacation. I also love that the honeysuckle is in full bloom up here and it just smells delicious.

Battle of New Orleans location.
Reading: Ghost Hunter's Guide to New Orleans, which is a book I purchased for my mother but wanted to read for myself (highlighting all the locations I visited for her) before I can give out my gifts to my mom and dad. I don't typically read books that tell ghost stories but I'm really enjoying this one! After that I have another book, one I purchased in the Big Easy, about vampire nuns. We'll see how that reads!

A home in the Garden District.
Making Me Happy: I'm moving at the end of the week and very happy that my commuting time will soon be 10 hours less per week! I'm also happy that I'll be starting some classes in the near future. How exciting!

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