Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Wrap Up

Wow, April is finally over with. The month of spring showers turned into a month of warm weather and sunshine up until the very end -- we've been living in a misty cloud of showers all week and it's disgusting.

Things have been busy on my end and unfortunately the blog is suffering. I'm still doing a book review a week but I've been failing at posting much else during the rest of the week. But that is going to change! But we'll get to it later. First off: posts!

The Thirteenth Tale was a book I had on my to-read list for years and finally I got around to it. Wow, it was a fun book to read and full of quotes perfect for the literary lover!
The Gold Dust Letters is right up my alley... when I was a kid. Fairies were my thing and the child I once was rejoiced from this book.
The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There is the second book to the Fairyland series I've been reading and once more I was taken away and sent to a magical realm. I enjoyed this as an adult, fully, and not just because I would've liked it as a kid too.
Children's Bedtime Stories is a collection of books for you all to pick up for your little one's bedtime. There are so many out there so don't look too hard -- just see what I've reviewed for starters!
A Million Little Pieces wasn't entirely what I expected it to be. See the review to find out more.
I've joined up with the 52 Lists project and after playing some catch up I've been sharing a weekly list about different things. I adore this project even still! Catch up with my lists by clicking the links:

April has been very hectic, as I've mentioned, and I've been saving every nickel, penny and dime for an assortment of things that are about to happen which I am very excited for:

  • I will be starting a certification course for copyediting in June.
  • I'm going to New Orleans for a week in May.
  • I'm moving! This was sort of a spur of the moment opportunity. Come June I'll be living much closer to DC and getting back 10 hours of my life that won't be used for my currently very lengthy commute.
  • I'll be going to Florida... sometime soon.
  • I'll be going to the UK next year to be in my beloved cousin's wedding as one of her bridesmaids. And... yeah I've never left the US so I have some preparation I have to do for that.
So that's where I'm at for the moment. Next month, May (even though this is posting on May 1st...), will be a quick one and I'll be on hiatus for about two weeks. Don't go running away though from the lack of posts! Please!

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