Monday, April 22, 2013

Children's Bedtime Books

On a trip to Barnes and Noble I flipped through a number of children's books and managed to read through a selection of some interesting children's books of the same theme: bedtime. So, considering my blog has been lacking children's books for the past year I wanted to reintroduce them to Soon Remembered Tales. It also helps that I have a goal of reading 50 children's books this year! Might as well get started.

A Book of Sleep
This book is a visual pleasure for me. Different patterns are used to create images of different animals as they sleep in soft hues that can bring both comfort and calm. My favorite bit about this book? We're introduced to an owl straight away which happens to be one of my favorite little dudes of the animal kingdom (or bird kingdom?) and he is hidden away on each page as we travel through the night world. This book will probably be appropriate for children of the 1-5 age but I suspect children can still appreciate the artwork as they get older, I mean, I appreciated the artwork and I'm a long way past five!

The Insomniacs
This is a quirky little book that I would give to my friends whom are night owls and like night-time/darker things but it's also great for a family who may be taking on a big move. The Insomniacs move to a timezone that has a 12 hour difference from what they are used to and they find they struggle staying up during the day but are awake all night. They try to live like everyone else -- doing things during the day and sleeping at night -- but still struggle. After adventuring into the woods to see if they can find out how different animals can get themselves to sleep they realize that there are plenty of creatures who enjoy staying up at night and sleeping during they day! If it's good enough for those animals, it's good enough for the Insomniacs and they give night living a try. 

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
What a perfect book for the little one who loves trucks and it's also educational! With each page you are introduced to a different piece of construction site equipment (names included -- I never really took the time to consider the names of some of these vehicles, such as a Crane truck, so I learned a thing or two as well) and what their part is in the whole scheme of construction. Then the sun sets and the vehicles get tired so what else will they do but go to sleep? The artwork is cute, giving personality to all the vehicles, and their nighttime pictures are adorable with elements of the bedtime little kids are used to (the Crane truck had a teddy bear! another truck was snuggled up against a dirt pillow!)

All the Awake Animals Are Almost Asleep
This may be one of my least favorite books because I found it a little cumbersome for a bedtime book but that may also be because it was the last of the books I looked through. It's still a beautifully done book, the colors are lovely and the animals are intricate and well done, and there is certainly a learning element within the story that is told. The book goes through the alphabet, discussing an animal on each page by each letter, and their little blurb is entirely in the letter that they are on (Example: the title being A is 'all the awake animals are almost asleep'). It's a cute learning mechanism but, as I said, a bit long. Not being a parent myself (and I'm sure all kids are different) I don't know how long or short a children's book should be when trying to get a child comfy and sleeping. If it takes your kid awhile, then this is likely the book for you!

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