Thursday, March 7, 2013

Booking Through Thursday - March 7th

Brought to you by the site Booking Through Thursday, each Thursday readers are asked a question (mainly book related) and answers are shared.

This weeks questions are: 
Clocks change this weekend here in the US, which means one less hour to read … does anybody else begrudge that hour like I do? Wish the Powers That Be would just pick a time-frame and stick to it instead of inflicting clock-driven jet lag on an innocent public twice a year? 
(Yeah, so not a question so much about reading … except, of course, you do need to use your electric light to be able to read, so the hour it gets dark IS relevant!)

My Answer:
I may be one of the few, but I love Daylight Saving Time. I'm not one for winter, not one to enjoy the long dark hours during that time, and while the earth does its own thing and gradually shifts so that the sun is up longer I really rejoice when that additional hour of sunlight is added on. I hate leaving for work in the dark and returning home in the dark after spending an entire day in an office without a window. I don't see the sun during the winter and it drives me nuts. But come spring (and daylight saving) I'm suddenly seeing the sun before I get on my bus and it's still up and shining when I get off at the end of the day. By Sunday, it will be up for another hour -- long enough for me to jog to the gym, work out, and come home without having to worry about meandering through a poorly lit country area so that I can work out. I feel that I get more done during this time of the year (spring, summer, fall) and I'm always sad to have longer nights than days.

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