Thursday, March 14, 2013

Booking Through Thursday - March 14th

Brought to you by the site Booking Through Thursday, each Thursday readers are asked a question (mainly book related) and answers are shared.

This weeks questions are: 
Does your current mood affect your reading? Affect your choices? I know there are plenty of books I enjoy, but only if I'm in a particular kind of mood–or books that can lift me out of a bad mood without fail. Surely I’m not alone?
My Answer:
A big reason I started this blog was because I wanted to record how books made me feel when I read them. Whatever goes on in my life at the time I read a book has affects my reading comprehension and almost always, if I return to a book I read in the past, I'll remember what was going on in my personal life first before I remember the subject manner of the book. Sometimes, when I'm looking to read a new book, I'd rather read something of a certain subject strictly because I'm not "feeling" the other subject manner possibilities and that is often mentioned in my reviews.

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