Friday, February 1, 2013

Currently - 2/1/2013

Often times book bloggers either over share (and stray from reviewing books) or share too little about their lives. I want to share a little bit about myself so that you, the reader, will know who I, the writer, am. I have no intention of turning this into a personal blog but after seeing Currently posts from Sometimes Sweet I felt that it would be a nice break every once in awhile. 

Watching: My regular TV shows plus a new one: Shameless (the American version) which I've really fallen in love with. The show both humors and angers me and I enjoy the varying emotions it makes me feel. It isn't a show for those who dislike seeing nudity, sex scenes, and addictions -- since it features all three -- but it's also unafraid to hold back the punches, so to speak. I eagerly await this week's episode!

Listening to: Of Monsters and Men; I've enjoyed a few of their songs for quite some time and for whatever reason have not considered listening to all of their music. Finally, I did, and I was unsurprised when I discovered I enjoy the rest of their music as well. My favorite songs by them certainly are (for the moment) Little Talks and Six Weeks. I also have been on a Metric kick.

Thinking about: My family. This past year has been tough and we haven't surpassed the rough stuff yet. It's sad that we've all become closer due to tragedy but at the same time, I'm thankful, because we're also learning how important our family is and enjoying the precious moments we get to spend with one another. I love my family with all my heart and can't wait to spend time with everyone again (in more favorable circumstances). 

Loving: That it's finally February. I generally hate winter and with it January and February are my two least favored months. The cold, unpredictable weather gets on my very last nerve and this year it's especially annoying as people in Virginia and Washington, DC really don't seem capable of driving in any form of winter weather, no matter how light or heavy. The start of February means a month close to warmer weather. Granted, I'll hate the triple digit weather come July, but the cold winter months always leave me in a bad mood.

Reading: The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. I've had this book since 2010, according to the price sticker on the back from Borders, and I'm finally getting around to reading it. I've mentioned numerous times that I've been trying to get through the massive to-read pile I have. With moving, I only took one bookshelf with me and filled it, for the main part, with books I had yet to read. While I was between jobs and now that I am saving every nickel and dime I have for various trips I am really preventing myself from book shopping and all that I have left are the numerous books in my room that I have yet to read. Finally I've been making progress and making my way, slowly but surely, through my to-read pile.

Making me happy: My wanderlust possibly being satisfied. Although, I say that only half seriously. My wanderlust is something strong which I believe will always be a part of me. I have far too many places I want to see and not enough money or time to see such places so it will be a very long time before I can say I've done it all. Still, I'm finally in a position where I will be able to travel and knock some of the destinations off of my very long list. I'm really excited for what the next 16 months have in store and I can't wait to take my first trip in May to New Orleans!

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