Wednesday, February 13, 2013

52 Lists - Week 6

This week's list. It's chicken scratch written after a long day of work so I'll type it up below:
  • I give really good hugs!
  • If someone wants a listening ear, I can give it
  • If someone wants advice, I can provide it
  • I am capable of saying please and thank you
  • I do not shy away from saying I love you
  • I can send a simple not of love, hope and support
  • I can forgive
  • I can smile for no reason at all
  • I can send care packages to troops
  • I can spend time to do more than just sign Christmas cards (with just my name)
  • I can say "I love you" (I said this twice)
  • I won't judge your tears but I will do what I can to make it better
  • I can send gifts to my friends or...
  • Pick out books I imagine my friends will enjoy
  • I can accept the instructions of others
  • I am open to change
  • I can care for people I do not know
  • I can accept the opinions and decisions of others even if I do not agree

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