Thursday, January 31, 2013

Booking Through Thursdays - January 31st

Brought to you by the site Booking Through Thursday, each Thursday readers are asked a question (mainly book related) and answers are shared.

This weeks questions are: 
Do you lend your books? Are any out on loan right now? Do you have any that have been loaned to you? Do you put a time limit on these? Do you think people should make an effort to read the loaned book quickly?

My Answer:
I try not to lend books out to people all due to one experience. In High School I would lend out books regularly. I wanted my friends to have a chance to experience a world that I found so exciting and be a part of it with me. So often enough, I had multiple books out on loan with multiple people. I liked to share. I did the same thing with CDs and movies too. Then a series of unfortunate events happened; movies and CDs were "lost" and I never got them back. That was sad enough but still I would loan out my books. 
My favorite books in High School were The Vampire Chronicles and I adored the first two in the series. I let my friend borrow The Vampire Lestat and she kept saying she hadn't read the book yet, that she'd get around to it, and I kept getting more impatient because I wanted to reread it again. Still, I let her have the book. Finally, months later, she returned the book to me.
"I couldn't find it and when I did it had gotten stuck under my bed," she said as she handed me the paperback. The front and back covers were nearly torn off, the first 20 pages were wrinkled and bent, and it looked like it may have sat in water for some time. I was heartbroken. This was my only copy of the book and my friend acted as if the condition it was in didn't even exist! Like it never happened! I take such good care of my books that I get upset when I manage to bend a page by accident yet I was handled back this destroyed material. It was then that I stopped giving books out on loan. I haven't done it again. Instead, I tell people to go buy them or visit the library. My books are too precious to me to allow the risk of someone destroying them in that way.

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