Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year, New Books, New Goals

I did a decent amount of reading last year. Decent. Not awesome or best yet or anything like that. Decent. I think I could have read more because there were many moments I found myself bored and honestly chose not to read. But, there were many moments where I did read and I reached my goal of reading 50 books within the year..

Not too shabby, huh? The thing that shocks me when I get to the end of the year and look over the books I've read during a year I am always so surprised to see what I read way back in January. "Really? It's been that long since I read that book? It doesn't feel that long!" (My reaction to The Mists of Avalon) or "Oh God, I can't believe I only read that book this spring. God I hated that book." (My reaction to Some Others)

The point of Soon Remembered Tales was that I have always associated life events with books and I wanted to remember more than that. I may not completely remember the point of the book, the plot or characters, but I could tell you what was going on in my life when I read that book. Straight back to books I read in middle school or earlier I do this. Now with this blog I've been able to record my reactions to the book itself. How did I like it, how it made me feel, what did I think about the actual story; because I certainly don't need to record what was going on in my life at the time. It seems that will always be with me.

I dislike the term "resolution" but would rather say "goals." I often make goals for myself as I go through each month and don't resort to setting up a bunch of resolutions at the start of a year. With the death of my grandfather, the start of a new job, and trying to get back on my feet I feel that I'm only just getting back to normal so now is probably the best time for me to think of the future -- it just happens to be at the same time that everyone is setting up New Year Resolutions (of d00m). 

To continue doing reviews, of course. This past year I wanted to do more reviews on books of the YA and adult genre and not so many children's books but with that I've missed out on the children's books and reviews. I enjoy children's books and I shouldn't stay away from doing reviews on a genre that I enjoy. So, in this upcoming year I hope to do more reviews on not only the adult books but children's as well. With that, maybe I'll read 50 adult books and.... 50 children's books? We'll see how far I get!

Now that I'm starting fresh I have a couple of things in mind: to start my classes for my publishing certification, to continue trying new recipes, to continue eating healthy, to start working out more (something I keep failing at...), and to be able to save enough money for my New Orleans vacation in May. I have so much to look forward to and I only hope I can achieve it all. 

Here is hoping to a good new year for you and yours; myself, too. 

For a more detailed account of the books I've read this past year and what my favorites are, check out this post.

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