Tuesday, December 4, 2012


After seeing the Currently posts from Sometimes Sweet I wanted to break up the constant book talk on my blog and do a Currently post once a month. I figured it would be at the start of each month but Saturday and Sunday came and went -- I wasn't even home. I still want to do my Currently post but for this month I think I'll make it a little different than what I had originally planned to do.

I've suffered a great loss in my life and it is all that is on my mind.

Watching: The tv shows I missed while I was in Florida. Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Vampire Diaries, Merlin and Once Upon a Time. I suspect I'll have to watch them again in a few weeks so that I can better remember what I saw. Right now they are serving as a distraction.

Listening to: 
Frank Sinatra. After my grandfather's funeral my family gathered at my Aunt's house. We celebrated the life of my grandpa and I am sure we made him proud. He would have loved the party we had. Bottles of wine, too many dirty martinis, Italian food covering tables and fresh bread with oil. We drank and blasted Frank Sinatra, singing along, all for him.

Thinking about:
As mentioned, and is obvious, I am thinking of my Grandpa. My beloved, loud, tan, story telling grandpa who I was fascinated with all my life. My grandpa who I wish I had gotten to know better. My grandpa who will always remain my grandpa. But not only that but my grandmother whom was hurt whilst helping her husband and is recovering from a broken hip and shoulder blade. She's a strong woman and I only hope to have half of her strength in my life.

My family. We are all opinionated, loud and a little overwhelming. We all butt heads and annoy each other but god damn do I love them. I miss them so much, especially now when I am feeling particularly low. Moments like this seem to draw families together (well, some are torn apart, but we're lucky) and I know that they understand. We can just sigh, state "I can't believe this" and they will reply with complete honesty, "I know." And you know that they know because they are in this with you.

Interview with the Vampire: Claudia's Story, a book I preordered months ago and was waiting at home for me the day after I returned from Florida and started my new job. I have adored Claudia and Interview with the Vampire since I was a preteen and this book I devoured on my hour long bus ride to work. It brought comfort to have something so familiar with me. I've also been reading The Snow Child which, thus far, is somewhat sad but beautifully written. I can sympathize and understand the heartache the main characters feel.

Making me happy:
The many memories I have of my grandpa. I keep thinking of them, these dazzling moments of his life that I have had the chance to experience and the stories I heard which I was not involved with. My grandfather fascinated me as a child, as I mentioned, and he still does now that he's gone. I am so happy to have had such a wonderful grandfather, to have had that chance to be so loved by him. And I am so happy to have such a wonderful large family who I can laugh with no matter what. I'm also happy that I have my new job. My grandfather, prior to his death, asked me about the job while we were alone. I told him about it and he was happy, he wished me luck, and I know he was with me when I started to work.

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