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Often times book bloggers either over share (and stray from reviewing books) or share too little about their lives. I want to share a little bit about myself so that you, the reader, will know who I, the writer, am. I have no intention of turning this into a personal blog but after seeing Currently posts from Sometimes Sweet I felt that it would be a nice break every once in awhile.

Holiday movies, because why else? I haven't been in the holiday spirit this year but I've been persistent in trying to win my brain over with holiday cheer. I really love Disney's Christmas Carol and have been trying to catch a viewing of it for the past month. Thus far I've seen the very end and the very beginning. Maybe I'll get lucky this weekend.

The National Christmas Tree in Washington DC

Listening to:
...More Christmas music... and a mix that's inspired by an rpg I'm a part of. Again, with the holiday music it's all to get into the spirit!

Thinking About:
All of the plans I have for this upcoming year! I'm very excited because I'll finally be able to travel (yay, paychecks!). I'll be visiting Florida a lot more often so that I can see my grandmother but besides that I have a week long trip to New Orleans in the works! There is also the possibility of going to Boston come the fall. Really exciting stuff and I finally get to see cities that I have never had the chance to visit. If you have travel tips for New Orleans or Boston or suggestions of places to go -- let me know!

That since the winter solstice hit we're going to start getting more daylight to each day. In my old age I've really begun to hate winter. It's lost the magic that it once had when I was a little girl living in New York. You know, when winter was actually worthwhile because we got snow storms and school closings. But even then I remember in March going to my back yard and digging the snow away from the edge of the house to reveal the moss and clover that was underneath. I became desperate to see some green. Now I'm always cold and it's dark when I wake up for work and dark when I get home. When do I see daylight during the week? I'll tell you, never. So yes, I love that the winter solstice has come and gone and now I can look forward to brighter, longer days.

Beautiful Creatures in an attempt to have it done before the movie comes out. I've otherwise have been craving some classics. I usually read a Dickens book around this time of the year and yet all my Dickens books are in PA! Sob!

Making Me Happy:
The effort my friends have made to make this Christmas somewhat normal. Sometime during the end of summer I came to the startling realization that this would be my first Christmas where I wouldn't for sure be with my family. I have never been apart from my parents on Christmas and the idea sort of scared me.

As the months progressed and my temp job ended, I realized it was a certain thing -- I would be without my parents on Christmas. Near Thanksgiving however my parents announced plans to come down and spend the holiday with me and I felt instantly better. Then my grandfather died four days after Thanksgiving, my Grandmother was in the hospital with a broken hip, my father was catching up on work after having missed two weeks due to our unexpected trip to Florida, and my mother is still in Florida helping my grandma (which also makes me happy and I am thankful for).

I was faced with a Christmas without my parents and a heart aching from the loss my family had suffered. But my friends came through, spoiling me with an assortment of presents and threatening me within an inch of my life that I couldn't open them until Christmas day. Of course, as all of this has proven, plans change.

My Christmas goodies! (and my tiny tree)

I am also happy that I will not be alone on Christmas -- I will be going to my Aunt's house and spending Christmas with them. So today was my own Christmas. My friends and parents are not here but I was able to open what presents were sent to me. I am spoiled and happy and feel very loved. Christmas certainly has lost its sparkle this year but I am warmed by how wonderful of friends I have. They truly helped to make Christmas a little more.... Christmasy. And that makes me happy.

This morning before opening presents.
Seen: candles (one smells like a Christmas tree!), coffee, and a "yule log" from YouTube
Unseen: my twinkling Christmas tree, all the presents, and the sound of classic Christmas music
Happy Holidays, dear readers. Spend time with your family, hold them closely if you can, and love one another. I'm taking the next few days off but will be back with a review on the 26th for Neil Gaiman's American Gods and my book review wrap up for the year!

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