Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bookish Christmas Stars - DIY

A few months ago I stumbled upon this creative way to make use of books you no longer wanted. Even with books I no longer want, I can't imagine destroying them. Typically I'll just send the book to a used bookstore -- just because I dislike a book doesn't mean everyone else will hate it as well, there is always the chance that it could be entertaining for another reader and who am I to deny that of them?

However, I sometimes read ARC's of books that cannot be sold off. The cover isn't finished or edits still need to be done, the list goes on. What am I to do with an ARC that I don't want and I can't give to a bookstore? Well, that's when I can make crafts out of its pages and not just crafts but Christmas ornaments (or maybe just ornaments, I intend on keeping some of these hanging around as decorations in the future even when Christmas has passed). 

Not only do they come out looking pretty cute and are great to give as gifts but they're inexpensive as well. Really -- I had the book, paintbrush, paint and string laying around so I didn't have to go out and spend a dime. Of course if you don't already have this stuff you'll have to go shopping but acrylic paints aren't too expensive and you don't need a fancy paintbrush for this either. 

The link I posted in the first paragraph definitely leads you to a beautiful origami star of sorts but I've tried it and it is damn hard to make. Maybe I am just really bad at origami, maybe I'm too visual and I need a video to really get how to do it, but I tried it numerous times and every time I'd try to put that star-ball together it would fall apart. 

I poked around online and found this really pretty (and easy!) design. Granted the instructions are in Norwegian but if you have google Chrome it can translate it for you. For me, personally, the pictures were enough.

Anyway, onto the instructions!

  • Rip out pages from a book you want to recycle 
  • If you want to paint some, pick out your colors -- I suggest metallics as they are generally light enough that you can still see the typed words through the paint -- and paint one side of each page.  

  • With the book pages you've selected (or painted) cut them in square shapes. 
  • The bigger the square, the bigger the star. 
  • I got 8 squares out of one page, two out of another, and you can see the size difference in the stars further down in the tutorial. 

  • When you have your star, select some type of string. I had a shining white to use. 
  • Use a needle to pull the string through and tie it off to make an ornament.

Cheap, inexpensive, and bookwormy fun! 
Happy Holidays!

My own stars on my tiny Christmas tree.

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