Sunday, November 11, 2012

Soon Remembered Tales 4 Year Anniversary! (and a give away?)

Four years ago I made my first post on Soon Remembered Tales. I had graduated from college and finally had the opportunity to read as I pleased. However, I missed college a great deal and I found that I wasn't analyzing and learning enough from the books I read. Just reading them and sitting them aside before moving onto the next tome. I wanted to remember these books and, more specifically, because I knew I'd forget details, I wanted to record those memories.

At first I was trying to break out into the blogging world about my relatively boring personal life. SRT became a sub-blog that I wrote in when I wanted to discuss how I felt from a book I had read or what had stood out for me. I didn't expect to gain many followers and had an occasional few until blogger Lauren of Busy Bee Lauren mentioned me on her blog (when, I couldn't tell you because I can't find the post). Suddenly I had a burst of followers and it put a fire under my butt to try a little harder.

Since then I've tried to write regularly, took nearly an entire year off to deal with personal stuff, but now I think I can safely say I've returned. I've had a lot of great opportunities due to this blog: writing for Fictionista Workshop, writing reviews for HarperCollins, hearing from some authors, and getting comments from all of you!

I've dived into Banned Books Week and have truly come to love researching for the posts I write during the course of that time. Doors have been opened and I've greedily run through. 

I love this blog and I know there are many other book blogs out there but this one is mine (it's like the Rifleman's Creed except for book blogs...) and I'm happy to have it. I enjoy hearing from my readers and sharing with you my ramblings about books. I could talk someones ear off about books I have loved or hated so it's nice to have a place to put all of that.

I can't believe it's been four years and I intend on continuing with this blog. It may change -- posts may be introduced or taken away. But I'm glad to be here and very thankful to those who follow. Now that I've inched my way over the 200 follower mark I do believe it's time to up the ante: when I reach 300 followers I'll do a bookstore gift card and/or book giveaway to my readers.

This may take awhile but if you're interested help promote my blog! When I get closer to 300 I'll share what giveaway I have in store for everyone. Or... maybe I'll leave it up to you guys. Who knows! 

But really, on this four year anniversary I want to thank you all for reading my rambling and helping me to continue recording my memories of the books I've read. You've all helped to make reading more special for me. 

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