Thursday, November 8, 2012

Booking Through Thursday

Brought to you by the site Booking Through Thursday, each Thursday readers are asked a question (mainly book related) and answers are shared.

This weeks questions are: 
1. How do storms affect your reading? Do you go for comfort reading? 
2. How do you deal with power outages? Do you read by candlelight? Flashlights? Use a self-lit e-reader or tablet? Skip reading altogether for the duration and instead play games with the family?

My Answer:
With the recent passing of Hurricane Sandy and my location this question is something I don't have to consider very much of in order to answer. When my area was hit with the hurricane we lost power around the time it reached landfall. I am bored very easily when we have no power at night. At least during the day I can find things to do and ways to entertain myself. When we lost power the night of Sandy I was antsy within thirty minutes then gave up on the evening and went to bed. I had books to read and flashlights to do it with! I tried my best to read with the flashlight but it only hurt my eyes. It reminded me that I once had a book reader light that was soft yet bright enough that you could read with comfort but it's been long dead. I need to get another one of those. After a few chapters I gave up and just went to sleep. 
With the storm recently I picked up American Gods, feeling that it was Halloween appropriate and it seemed fitting since they kept talking about a storm coming and we were being hit by such a storm. But I was more or less between books so picking up a book worked in any way it normally would. Otherwise, if there is a storm I typically just continue reading what I read before.
As a child I don't particularly remember reading by candlelight but we had many times living in the Catskills of NY that we lost power -- especially during the winter months -- so my parents and I would go to the basement where the wood stove was, light a hurricane lantern, and play Monopoly. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from power outages. I was always convinced it was a chance to play Little House in the Big Woods

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