Friday, November 2, 2012

Blog Hop - November 2nd

Blog Hop:
Book Blogger Hop

This Weeks Question:
Is there a book that has been languishing on your TBR pile even though you spent months anticipating its release?

My Answer:
The Historian in paperback. While I was working at Borders this book was out in hardcover and I wanted it so much but I held off, not wanting to spend the cash on the hardcover, and waited until the paperback came out. The moment it did I bought the book and... well now it's been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. I intend on reading it... someday... I just don't think that day is any time soon because I have so many other books I would much rather read. But, as I've mentioned before, I've sworn off buying books for the time being so that hopefully I'll make an even bigger dent into my TBR pile (so far, so good!)

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