Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I'm originally from New York but I have many family members and friends in New Jersey. I lived in Pennsylvania for four years and now I'm living in the Washington metro area. Needless to say, when I first heard of the hurricane it caught my interest because even if I wasn't in the path of the storm it seemed like various friends and family would be. I paid vague attention to it at first until, quite suddenly, it seemed that this hurricane wasn't just your typical passing remnants of a storm. 

If you have checked out the weather or news at all (and don't live in the path of the storm) then surely you already know that the storm is kind of a big deal. Typically my roommate and I are regularly stocked with food and water so while everyone was in a panic to get food we were already pretty set. Instead we picked up some alcohol and chips then spent this past weekend celebrating Halloween earlier and taking a day trip to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

Yesterday, with the gray skies thick and that creeping stillness to the air, I made final preparations for the storm. With the tub filled of water, food cooked, and our belongings taken off our porch and front step we haven't much else that we can do in order to prepare for the worst. 

By the time I went to bed it was already raining and this morning welcomed me with more rain and a steady breeze. We made a quick trip to a grocery store to pick up some stuff for my roommate's dog and were only out for about an hour. Within that time we saw the roads beginning to gather water and some downed trees. Since then the wind and rain has picked up and the storm still hasn't reached shore!

All transportation in DC has been cancelled or closed (much like the other cities that are being hit) and a trip into DC I was going to make tomorrow morning has also been put off until - tentatively - Thursday. That's only if we have power! 

For the moment we're charging all of our electronics, running the dishwasher, and generally taking advantage of electric while we can. We're assuming we'll lose electric at some point although generally this area is not one that often loses electric. My mother, who is in Pennsylvania, has already been having brown outs and friends in NYC and NJ have either been evacuated or are starting to see the waters rise. 

With that, I wish all of those who are in the path of this storm the best of luck. Stay safe, stay inside, and if I do not reappear for a few days I have some posts set up so they'll appear automatically. Over and out!

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