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Girl of Nightmares (Anna Dressed in Blood #2)

Blog Note: Whoa, readers, sorry for being so AWOL the past handful of days. I've been super ill by my once-a-year cold. So thank goodness I had this post written up and scheduled otherwise this blog would have continued being quiet! Please bear with me until I'm back in fighting shape! Now onto the review...

After reading Anna Dressed in Blood I was so excited for the next book in the series. I had mentioned in my review that I was going to try and hold off so that I could read it with the Halloween vibe in full swing. Well, that didn't exactly happen as I read this book at the very end of August and my next available book review slot just happened to be in October. But it still works, right?

I really adored Anna Dressed in Blood. I loved Anna and her story. I loved every scene that she was in - good or bad - and I was expecting so much more of her in this follow up book. What I found was somewhat disappointing. Anna isn't around all that often and I was really perturbed by the ending (because what happened wasn't what I wanted to happen).

If you haven't read Anna Dressed in Blood, I suggest you do before you read this review. I'm writing this under the assumption that my readers have read the previous book. Anyway, lets get this review rolling.

Cas is depressed and can't seem to shake the fact that Anna is gone. Carmel and Thomas don't really know what to do anymore to help him and it seems Carmel is getting tired of it all. Cas is determined to know where Anna went after she saved them all and when he begins to think he hears and sees Anna, tormented and broken, his desire to find out where she is becomes a necessity.

Throw in a dash of some high school drama, Cas being ignored by the majority of the students and Carmel showing her nasty side, and you have a bit of the stereotypical teenager mentality. But the more hard to believe (harder than believing that a teenager kills ghosts for a living) comes when Cas decides very suddenly that he is going to England and Thomas is coming as well.

I had this discussion with my roommate recently while we were watching Eurotrip. How nice it must be to suddenly, spur of the moment, decide as a teenager that you're going to take a trip to Europe and being able to afford to just pick up your stuff and go. I've never been under the impression that either of the boys' families had much money so that part was a bit of a stretch for me.

Nonetheless, it happens, and off to Europe they go. Then, rather suddenly, I'm thrown into this tale of druids and secret cult-like groups. What's this?! I didn't want this. I wanted Anna! It seems like the author became distracted from what made the original story - Anna. And while Cas was doing all of this for Anna I felt that it was an afterthought for the author. It was all about this cult and about this girl who may replace Cas and this forest of dead things and on and on and on.

At the very least, the creep factor was still very present. As with the last book the author brings great detail to all the creepy ghouly things that go bump in the night. She brings them to life in the most awesome of ways. I was in this story for Anna and I didn't quite get her. Only a couple of chapters and passing glimpses of her until she's gone again. I was disappointed with that and maybe, much like a child, I am pouting over this lack of Anna and it's messing up my review.

I didn't hate this book. I did enjoy it and I gobbled it up. If there is another book in the future - I'll read it. However, I want more Anna. She's my girl. I am glad of the growth the characters made. Thomas has come into his own and he's one of my favorite characters while in the previous book he had times where he annoyed me. Carmel got over herself and figured out her priorities. Cas got his head on straight as well, by the end of the book, and became a little less obsessive. And Anna, darling Anna dressed in blood, she was still the Anna I loved.

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