Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Blog Hop - October 26th

Blog Hop:
Book Blogger Hop

This Weeks Question:
What are three of your favorite book blogs and/or communities? Why do you like them?

My Answer:
I always have issues when asked to pick favorites so this question was a little hard for me. However, thanks to our lovely host this week, she helped to stir my mind and come up with an answer. I love goodreads, first of all (link is to my own goodreads account, you can add me if you'd like!) because it has definitely helped me to add so many new books to my to-read list! Just logging onto my news feed is more than enough because it's like a virtual shopping trip. Of course, as you know (if you're a reader) I've denied myself from buying any new books. But once I CAN buy new books - my to-read shelf will be open on my phone whilst I frolic through a bookstore.
I also really love Sometimes Sweet. While she does not exclusively write about books her occasional book reviews and weekly Literate & Stylish are favorites of mine.  
Another blog that I love is Carabosses Library which I have only recently discovered, oh, a week ago? Her site is lovely to look at and already I've been introduced to books I had not heard of beforehand! 

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